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  • 22nd Annual German Norwegian Energy Forum

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    Berlin Gemeinschaftshaus der Nordischen Botschaften, Rauchstraße 1, D-10787 Berlin Påmeldingsfrist: 19.10.2018 16.00 Kontakt: Gerda Geyer 25.10.2018 12.00.00 25.10.2018 18.00.00 Europe/Oslo 22nd Annual German Norwegian Energy Forum Gemeinschaftshaus der Nordischen Botschaften, Rauchstraße 1, D-10787 Berlin Gerda Geyer gerda.geyer@innovationnorway.no Legg til i kalender

    Hosted by the Royal Norwegian Embassy, the 22nd Annual German Norwegian Energy Forum will provide attendees with insights on energy policy, national and European electricity markets, decentralisation, energy efficiency, digitalisation, and how gas and renewables can collaborate.

    As the energy sector is undergoing a continuous transformation, the forum is designed for professionals who are in the front of the adoption and change processes to a low-carbon and digitally-driven energy industry.

    Where is the Next Revolution coming from?

    Programme Chair: Gerda Geyer, Innovation Norway
    Moderator: Samuel Stähle

    12:00 Registration, Refreshments and Finger Food

    12:30 Welcome
    Gerda Geyer, Senior Advisor Energy Markets, Innovation Norway

    Opening Address
    Presenting the Conclusions of the 2nd Executive Roundtable
    Petter Ølberg, Norwegian Ambassador to Germany

    Norwegian Energy Policy in Times of Decarbonisation
    Ingvil Smines Tybring-Gjedde, State Secretary, Norwegian Ministry of Petroleum and Energy

    Equinor´s Strategy to become a Broad Energy Company
    Tor Martin Anfinnsen, Senior Vice President, MMP Marketing & Trading, Equinor

    Decarbonisation of Economies through Sector Coupling and Power-to-X
    Dr. Volkmar Pflug, Vice President Energy Consulting, Siemens AG, Power and Gas Division

    Commission on Growth, Structural Change and Employment
    Dr. Stephan Krieger, Director International Relations, German Association of Energy and Water Industries

    Q&A with www.sli.do

    14:00 Coffee Break

    14:30 Key Elements for a Secure, Affordable and Integrated Energy System

    - When will Storage become a Business?
    Dr. Andreas Schröter, Executive Vice President, DNV GL – Energy

    - Subsidy free Renewables: Hopes, Tales and the Truth
    Thomas Leitl, Principal Business Developer, Statkraft Markets GmbH

    - E-mobility contributing to Flexible Energy Systems
    Paal Christian Myhre, Co-Founder & CEO Meshcrafts

    Hydrogen on its way - Norway's and Germany's Roadmap

    - Hydrogen on its Way
    Jan Kjetil Paulsen, Senior Advisor Bellona Foundation

    - National Innovation Programme Germany
    Jan Wegener, Programme Manager Europa, NOW GmbH

    Discussion: When will we be a Smart and Sustainable Society?

    16:00 Coffee Break

    16:30 The Green Shift in Norway and the Role of Research and Innovation
    Rebekka Borsch, State Secretary, Norwegian Ministry of Education and Research

    16:50 What are the Future Requirements of an Integrated European Electricity Market?

    - A Scientific View on Volatility, Prices Level and CO2 Emissions
    Prof. Dr. Konstantin Lenz, University of Applied Science, Erfurt

    - The Power of the Exchange – Staying Flexible for the Future
    Kari Ekelund Thørud, CEO, Nord Pool

    - Changes in the 2018 European Power Market
    Bengt P. Longva, Senior Analyst, StormGeo

    Discussion: Is the Electricity Market prepared for Changes?

    17:50 Closing Remarks by Gerda Geyer, Senior Advisor, Innovation Norway

    18:00 Reception and Buffet Dinner hosted by Petter Ølberg, Norwegian Ambassador to Germany

    The conference will be held in English

    Click here to download the conference brochure (PDF)

    In cooperation and with the kind support of:

    DEA Deutsche Erdoel AG | DNV GL | Equinor | Hydro | Nord Pool |Statkraft | StormGeo 


    Our media media-partner energate messenger www.energate-messenger.de

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