TEA - Tech City Executive Accelerator


The goal of TEA is to discover, develop and apply new approaches to the most critical growth challenges for digital companies in an increasingly interconnected world. It is not about teaching key executives what to think, but rather to stimulate how to continually evaluate their businesses in new ways. We believe leadership behaviour is fundamental to value-creating growth, and look into both how to leverage existing leadership talents and capabilities and how to expand new ones.

TEA has been developed based on inputs from forward-thinking tech executives that are looking to shape entire markets and change the way we work and live. We decided to launch this new accelerator programme in London because London is rapidly emerging as the epicentre of global innovation in digital. Access to funding, depth of talent and the city’s role as a leading financial centre are all part of the attraction. After Silicon Valley and New York, the UK has the third biggest digital industry. Today, out of Europe's 40 tech unicorns; 17 are located in Britain, of which 13 are in London.

Our accelerator runs at Level 39 from November 2017, to end of May 2018, and we will bring live updates to you through this site and social media channels.

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