Call for applications

 UNDP Rwanda
UNDP Rwanda

Are you a UN agency or a Norwegian humanitarian organization? Are you looking to conduct an innovation project in partnership with a private company? We are looking for bold innovation projects that contribute to more efficient humanitarian response that saves lives, relieves distress and sustains people's dignity.

The call for applications will be published May 31st 2019.

Innovation Norway is inviting UN agencies and Norwegian humanitarian organisations with an international mandate to submit applications for projects relevant for the following two programs:

Innovation Lab:

The innovation lab aims to create successful solutions to humanitarian challenges by supporting partnerships between private companies and humanitarian organisations. The innovation lab provides grants for the early stage idea generation and development of new solutions. 


Scaling and Diffusion Program:

The scaling program will finance the scaling and diffusion of solutions that has proven to be successful. The solution must be developed in partnership between UN agencies or Norwegian humanitarian organisations and the private sector. 


Who can apply?

UN agencies and Norwegian humanitarian organisations with an international mandate can apply for the grant, and collaboration with private companies is a prerequisite for receiving the grant.

Private companies cannot apply.


Key Focus Areas

The humanitarian innovation program is looking for bold ideas that seek to improve resilience against natural disasters, or humanitarian response in crises and conflict. We will prioritise solutions improving 

Protection: Humanitarian organisation’s efforts that contribute to protecting people from violence, abuse and violation of international law due to humanitarian crises.

Green humanitarian response: Humanitarian organisation’s efforts that contribute to more sustainable and more environmentally friendly solutions within humanitarian aid. 

Cash Transfer Programming: Cash transfer programming is the direct distribution of money rather than traditional relief items to people affected by crises.