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 Maiken Thonke, UN Women
Maiken Thonke, UN Women
The Humanitarian Innovation Program grants funding to develop, test and scale new technological solutions that can contribute to a better and more efficient humanitarian assistance. The program makes the private sector a relevant partner for humanitarian organizations and key contributors in responding to today's humanitarian challenges.

The Humanitarian Innovation Program

Through the Humanitarian Innovation Program we will work to find solutions to the humanitarian challenges by facilitating the idea generation, development and scaling of innovative solutions that will contribute to a smarter and more effective humanitarian assistance.

The Humanitarian Innovation Program can offer two opportunities: an innovation lab focusing on early stage innovation, and a diffusion and scaling program.

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The humanitarian challenge

The world is currently facing some of the biggest challenges of our time: the ongoing refugee crisis; severe natural disasters; climate change and an increased number of wars and conflicts. At the same time, the gap between humanitarian needs and the financial resources available is increasing. These challenges demand that the humanitarian sector explores new and better ways to provide assistance.


What is humanitarian innovation?

We believe emerging technologies such as blockchain, fintech, artificial intelligence and internet of things are part of the solution. In order to develop and utilize these technologies in humanitarian settings, innovative partnerships between humanitarian organizations and the private sector is key. Whereas the humanitarian organizations know the needs, many entrepreneurs and companies have the technical capabilities and expertise to develop new solutions to achieve impact on the ground.

Humanitarian innovation is about pairing the experience and insight of the humanitarian sector with innovative technology and better solutions that can improve the lives of more people. New partnerships between private companies and humanitarian organizations can make us better equipped to reach the sustainable development goals and find answers to the growing humanitarian needs of our time. 


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Innovation Norway

Innovation Norway is the Norwegian Government's most important instrument for innovation and development of Norwegian enterprises and industries. Innovation Norway is mandated by the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs to foster humanitarian innovation and enhance the collaboration between humanitarian organizations and businesses through the Humanitarian Innovation Program.

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