TEA - Tech City Executive Accelerator


Five years ago, Tech City Executive Accelerator (TEA) was launched at Level39 (L39). TEA has been developed based on inputs from forward-thinking tech executives that are looking to shape entire markets and change the way we work and live. We decided to launch in London because London was rapidly emerging as the epicentre of global innovation in digital. Access to funding, depth of talent and the city’s role as a leading financial centre were all part of the attraction.

Since then, L39 has grown into a three-floor, 80,000 square foot community space helping more than 220 tech scaleups and among them are 37 promising Norwegian teams. In fact, digital tech companies in London are now the most connected in Europe, second only to Silicon Valley for international connections according to The Tech Nation 2018 Report 

To mark our 5th anniversary we are thrilled to announce a special edition on digital intelligence and its transformational impact on Norwegian businesses innovation capabilities and continuous growth. We’re excited to announce that DNB, Telenor, Equinor and Cognite will join and support, TEA Special Edition, together with eight selected Norwegian AI.IOT scaleups.

Our mission is to connect forward leaning Norwegian top-tier executives with frontrunners and extraordinary teams in various industries exchanging hands on experience on how to strategically utilize emerging AI and IOT technologies around the world.

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