Apply to TEA Special Edition 2018-19

TEA: Tech City Executive Accelerator in London.


TEA Special Edition is intended for founders, senior executives and business leaders who build next generation AI and IOT solutions and capabilities. The programme is held in London, and targets to provide high-growth companies with the necessary skills to go grow their companies at fast pace.

The ideal TEA participant will hold many of these attributes:

  • AMBITIOUS: You are a founder/C-level executive who make higher-stake decisions, demonstrate leadership skills and business expertise, as well as team building abilities to scale operations globally.
  • PROMISING: You have achieved product/market fit and are looking to implement a business/operational model that allows you to acquire customers at a profit while still delivering on the customer benefits and value.
  • DEDICATED: You are looking to develop |the right mindset or the attitude to a grand challenge, and how you use and develop the qualities you have to maximum effect in meeting that challenge.
  • CURIOUS: You are looking for continuous improvement, constantly questioning what you are doing.

We will carefully review all applicants, but are asking scaleups to have the following in place:

  • Must be AI and IOT tech-companies past early stage which are ready to grow internationally
  • Must have developed a product in sale and have financing for the next 12 months

Application Form

Deadline for application to TEA Special Edition 2018-19 is June 20, 2018. Later applications will be accepted after the deadline, however subject to availability.

Please read through and have the relevant information available (the form cannot be saved for later submission).

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