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  • Aqua-Nor: Aquaculture field trip

    Foto: Johan Wildhagen / Norges sjømatråd


    Trondheim Trondheim Harbour, Hurtigbåtterminalen, MS Trondheimsfjord 1 Påmeldingsfrist: 2019-06-28 12.00 Kontakt: Tom-Ivar Bern 200 NOK 19.08.2019 08.00.00 19.08.2019 18.30.00 Europe/Oslo Aqua-Nor: Aquaculture field trip Trondheim Harbour, Hurtigbåtterminalen, MS Trondheimsfjord 1 Tom-Ivar Bern Tom-Ivar.Bern@innovasjonnorge.no Legg til i kalender

    In close cooperation with the Nor Fishing Foundation and the Norwegian industry actors, Innovation Norway once again has the pleasure of inviting AquaNor visitors to site visits on the coast of Trøndelag.

    This year’s program includes a visit to Frohavet, where we will see the semi-submersible Ocean Farm 1 in its coastal home.  Based on oil and gas technology and located more than 4,5 kilometres off the coast, Ocean Farm 1, is the world’s first deep-sea project with a diameter of 110 m, a height of 68 m, and a volume of 250,000 m3. Designed by SalMar, the technology shift is expected to improve salmon health, decrease infections and sea lice impact and enable the utilisation of less sheltered waters for the salmon growth phase.

    We will visit Lerøy Seafood’s newly opened slaughter and processing facility at Hitra. This facility is prepared for the future with a design capacity of 100,000 tons of salmon annually. Together with their partners Lerøy is setting a new benchmark on efficient, automated gutting of salmon.

    In between these two highlights, we will pass by several large and small salmon farms. You will be updated and informed about the sights as we pass them.

    The program

    0800: Meet up at the Trondheim Harbor, Hurtigbaatterminalen.

    The Chartered boat is MS Trondheimsfjord 1. The field day will end at the same spot at 18:30.

    The scenic tour out the Trondheimsfjord to Ocean Farm 1 will take about 2,5 hours. We will enjoy a coffee and some light pastries on our way to the first site. We will not be able to board Ocean Farm 1, due to health and safety regulations, but will spend time cruising near the installation. 

    Please bring binoculars and photo equipment. Note the tour to Ocean Farm 1 is contingent on the weather.

    On our way to Lerøy Seafood’s processing facility, we will enjoy a light lunch on board the boat. Landing at Sandstad, the facilities are a 10 min walk from the dock. Representatives from Lerøy we will meet us to give a guided tour of their premises. Upon returning to the boat, we will leave for Trondheim.  

    Arrival back to Trondheim harbour at expected at 18:30, hopefully after an interesting and inspiring field day.

    Participation fee

    This year, we will charge a nominal fee for participation in the field trip: 200 NOK per person. There are a maximum limit of 90 participants. We will keep a waiting list in case there might be places available.

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