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How do you go from idea to a profitable business? Does your entrepreneurial company have growth ambitions? Does the business concept represent something that is significantly new in the market? If the answer is YES, our seminar "From idea to market" is something for you.

Are you unsure whether you meet our requirements for news value and growth potential? Do you need talk to someone about your business idea and want to know what other offers are available for entrepreneurs in your region? Contact us at the Gründertelefon - 800 50 789.

PROGRAM 12:30 - 14:30

Presentation Round
We start with everyone saying a bit about who they are and why they are here. Entrepreneurs have the great benefit of learning from each other, and here you can meet others in the same situation - for inspiration and learning.

Smart Startup
How can you work smart on your business idea so you're more confident that the market wants what you offer? We will talk about Lean Start-Up method and how to create a business model.

How Can We Help
Innovation Norway offers networks, expertise and funding for entrepreneurs. Get information on how to apply for funding and advice from us to test and further develop your idea. We review requirements, rules and advise.


PROGRAM 14:30 - 15:30

Talk to us
Those who believe the project qualifies for support from Innovation Norway can speak with our advisors. See our eligibility criteria, and list of companies that do not qualify for support here.

We recommend that you prepare a brief presentation / pitch of your idea so that we have a good conversation. If you answer the following questions, the basis for a good conversation will be better:

- Who are your customers / the market? What needs do the users / customers have?
- What are you going to develop? (Product / service)
- Who are you and your team, and why should you do this?
- What is your biggest challenge with your business idea?

When you sign up we want you to provide a brief and concise description (two sentences) of your business idea.

Sign up below and describe your business idea in the comments box.

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