Health care: In need of modernised ICT solutions

Spain is in need of implementations of new ICT solutions within health care. We help you partner up and entering the market.

Spain offers a regionalised and decentralised health care system with an extensive network of 800 hospitals (public and private), 500 000 qualified personnel and leading-edge research centers.

Business opportunities in the industry lies in, among others, the implementation of new ICT solutions for the different needs within the healthcare system.

The Spanish health care sector has a complicated structure, due to the decentralisation of governmental power. Each autonomous community in Spain has its own way of governing the hospitals, and a variety in the services offered to the inhabitants.

The possibility to develop business in Spain requires partnering with the system integrators that delivers complete systems to the hospitals.

Despite the crisis, there are currently several modernisation projects for the public and private hospitals which represent an opportunity for new technologies.

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