TINC: Tech Incubator Program in Silicon Valley

Want to validate your company for global scale? TINC Silicon Valley is an intensive 4-week accelerator program for Nordic tech startups. The program is designed to validate their business model and product market fit for global scale with reduced risk, time and cost.

TINC is developed by Innovation Norway in collaboration with technology startups, investors and Silicon Valley industry professionals and is designed to ensure you are prepared for the most competitive technology market in the world.

Achieve higher growth

The goal is to provide technology startups crucial knowledge and experience to achieve higher growth, faster and with less risk. The program is offered to Nordic technology start-ups with ambitions and potential for global scale.

Develop your skills

Since 2012, more than 140 Nordic tech startups and 200 entrepreneurs have participated in TINC Silicon Valley. Experienced mentors, advisors and investors assist in developing the skill-set necessary to attract customers, partners and investors.

Experience shows that startups with advanced technologies and traction in their local market, now ready to be exposed to a larger market, has received especially great value from the program