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    Zhuoguang Joanna Hu

    Joanna er seniorrådgiver i Innovasjon Norge siden 1999. Hun jobber hovedsakelig med shipping, offshore og maritim næring, i tillegg til å administrere kontoret i Shanghai. Som tidligere ansatt i DNV har Joanna inngående kjennskap til Kinas maritime næringer. Hun kan bistå med strategisk rådgivning og har et stort nettverk som hjelper deg med posisjonering i markedet. Joanna er også en erfaren organisator av konferanser og PR-arrangementer for norsk sjømat og maritim næring i Kina. Hun snakker kinesisk og engelsk.

    Diana Tan

    Diana has a regional role as an accountant for all the offices in the region. She has a long track record with over 30 years within Innovation Norway and its predecessors.

    Hiroko Tominaga

    Hiroko Tominaga joined the organization in 2001, and has been assisting Norwegian companies/organizations across industry sectors with market research, partner search, visit assistance, and networking events. She has a broad intercultural and international experience from her previous works in US and in Japan and is an expert in assisting Norwegian and Japanese companies to establish a cooperative relationship. She is working closely with green initiatives such as hydrogen, ammonia and CCS, as well as health/welfare sectors. Hiroko is fluent in Japanese and in English.

    Keisuke Nakayama

    Keisuke Nakayama is our marine sector expert. For more than 20 years he has served Norwegian companies working on seafood and fishery related projects. He also contributes to the marine area of the science and technology agreement between Norway and Japan.

    Svein Grandum

    Svein Grandum has more than 20 years of experience from Asia; as a scientist and as a representative for a major Norwegian company. He has served as counsellor for science, technology and education in Japan for over 15 years. He has a Master degree from Norwegian Institute of Technology in energy technology and a PhD from the University of Tsukuba in Japan within materials science. In addition to his roles in Innovation Norway, he has worked within the solar industry, both in Norway and in Asia.

    Dooseok Kim

    Dooseok Kim have been developed professional carrier experiences on international operations for the last 20 years. With having 9 years of industrial experience in heavy and maritime industry, he is primarily responsible for ocean space and clean energy in South Korea but not limited to. He has been involved in trade mission for Norwegian Government as well as tailor-made services for Norwegian business. His demonstrable deliveries are delegation programs, industrial seminars, market researches, partner searches, business meetings, local establishments in Korea through proactive communications with involving organizations and maintaining industrial network.

    Dasja Sjaronova


    Elisabeth Svanholm Meyer

    Director Europe

    Emanuela Teani

    Market Advisor
    Market Advisor. Responsible for international business development projects, networking and competence programs within Seafood and Fashion. Holds a Bachelor Degree in International Trade from Università degli Studi in Bergamo. Speaks English fluently. Good knowledge of Norwegian and Spanish.

    Siri Tallaksen

    Prosjektleder Norwegian Travel Workshop/prosjektleder incoming turoperatører