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    • Grey tones

      These colours are flexible, and may be used both on backgrounds and on details. These colours can be nicely combined with all the other additional colours. Click to enlarge


    • Colour weighting

      Main red colour should always be used in the Innovation Norway logo. In the rest of the visual language the main red shall be used minimally, so that the logo stands out from the rest of the visual co...


    • Office font

      Office fonts for Innovation Norway are Calibri and Ariel. These fonts are to be used when the recipient or user does not have access to the brand font LL Circular.  


    • Logo colour

      The Innovation Norway logo colours are red and black.


    • Logo boundary

      The logo should be surrounded by sufficient white space to make the logo stand out.


    • Skjemaer og hjelpemiddel

      Dei viktigaste søknadsskjemaer og hjelpemiddel knytta til BU-midlar og rentelån ligg her.