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    • Additional colours 01

      These colours are mainly to be used as background and as surface colours and can be used on larger areas. Click to enlarge


    • Additional colours 02

      These colours are mainly to be used in smaller amounts, on details etc. Click to enlarge


    • Colour combinations

      Choose colours that create a suitable look and feel that reflects the message that is communicated. Keep in mind to maintain readability.


    • Hierarchy

      Header Circular Black            Ingress Circular Bold Breadtext Circular Book


    • Download logo

      Norsk - bokmål Engelsk           Last ned (jpg) Last ned (CMYK.ai) Last ned (jpg) Last ned (CMYK.ai) Last ned (PANTONE.ai)             Last ned (jpg) Last ned (BLACK.ai) Last ned (jpg) Last ned (BLACK...


    • Main logo

      The logo exists in four languages:     01 Bokmål as the main version to use in Norway. 02 The second version is English, for international use world wide. 03 The third version is Norwegian Nynorsk, as...


    • Logo symbol

      Logo symbol   Logo symbol boundary The logo symbol has its own set of rules when used inside a shape. The shape needs to be twice as wide and high as the logo icon, to give the icon enough space aroun...


    • Bli ein enda betre bedriftsrettleiar

      Driv du næringsforeining, næringsklynge, industrihage eller kommunerettleiingskontor? Ønskjer du å gjere ein enda betre jobb for kundane dine?