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Circulare WAVE

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By collaborating on the solutions, the companies will gain an increased competitive advantage in the form of sustainable resource management, at the same time as it contributes to solving the waste and climate problem in society.

The cluster is merged by two independent networks based on either side of the Oslo Fjord, both of which have strong positions in the development of circular value chains based on side and waste fractions such as metals, glass, batteries, plastics and organic waste.

The purpose of the cluster is to ensure a sustainable utilization of the resources found in today's waste and side streams from industry, agriculture, business and households. Scarcity of resources and lack of raw materials is one of the biggest challenges for the sustainable development of business and society.

Norwegian business and industry is an absolutely necessary part of the solution to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and deliver on the climate, environmental and sustainability goals Norway has committed itself to. By preventing and reducing the amount of waste that goes to final treatment and using this as resources into new products and markets, the members of Circular WAVE help to solve these challenges. This requires collaboration across traditional value chains, industries, private and public business, which the cluster facilitates.

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Circulare WAVE