Tools and resources

 Photo: Emilie Skogvang
Photo: Emilie Skogvang

On this page we share practical tools and resources that may help humanitarian organisations along the way in their efforts to innovate in partnership with the private sector. 


  • Background paper for the conference "Innovative Financing – Business models for sustainable humanitarian action", organized by Innovation Norway and KPMG on 27th of November 2019. Background paper by KPMG for Innovation Norway*: Click here to download.
  • "Humanitarian Investing – Mobilizing Capital to Overcome Fragility"
    Whitepaper by World Economic Forum: Click here to download. 
  • "Leveraging the private sector in the field of protection". Report by Oxford Research for Innovation Norway*. Click here to download.
  • "Humanitarian organisation's use of pro bono services in innovation projects" - Report by KPMG for Innovation Norway*. Click here to download.

*The report is written by external consultants for Innovation Norway. The report is the product of its authors and the responsibility for the accuracy of data included in this report rests with the authors. The findings, interpretations, and conclusions presented in this report do not necessarily reflect the views of Innovation Norway. 


Tools for innovative procurement

  • Step by step guide: how to do innovation friendly procurement in the humantiarian sector (made in collaboration with TINKR and The National Programme for Supplier Development.) Click her to download.
  • Template for invitation to market dialogue: Click here to download.
  • Example: Summary of the innovative procurement process conducted by The Humanitarian Innovation Platform in the DIGID project. Click here to download.
  • Go to this page to download other resources from the DIGID project, like call for proposals document, concept note template, etc.


Tools for business models and IPR

  • Register here to receive three useful tools for sustainable business models, developed by Reodor Innovation Studios.
  • Presentation on intellectual property by IP expert Felipe Aguilera-Børresen: What are intangible assets and IP/IPR?How can IP be protected and used? Why does IP matter? IP in collaborations. Download presentation here.