HNPW: Opening the innovation space through innovative procurement

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Geneva International Conference Center (CICG), Room 6 Kontakt: Emilie Skogvang 06.02.2020 09.00.00 06.02.2020 10.30.00 Europe/Oslo HNPW: Opening the innovation space through innovative procurement International Conference Center (CICG), Room 6 Emilie Skogvang Legg til i kalender

Innovation Norway in collaboration with TINKR, the Permanent Mission of Norway in Geneva and National Programme for Supplier Development will host a workshop on innovation friendly procurement during Humanitarian Networks and Partnerships Week (HNPW) in Geneva. The workshop is for all interested in the topic. Sign up to explore new approaches to engage with the private sector. 


To meet the needs of people affected by humanitarian crises in a better and more efficient way, humanitarian organisations need to find new solutions and new ways of interacting with the private sector.

Innovation friendly procurement is an approach that makes it possible for humanitarian organisations to engage with the private sector before procuring a product or solution. 

Through innovation friendly procurement, mapping and defining needs are emphasised. The needs are communicated to the market through an open and transparent market dialogue where the market is challenged to come up with innovative solutions to the problem at hand.


  • Welcome by Therese Marie Uppstrøm Pankratov, Senior Advisor, Innovation Norway
  • Innovative procurement vs innovation friendly procurement:Ida Skaaret Laustsen, Project Manager, National Programme for Supplier Development
  • What is innovation friendly procurement, and why is it important? Markus Bensnes & Anders Wengen, TINKR
  • Case presentation of Dignified Identities project: Lars André Skari, Head of International Strategy and Results, Norwegian Red Cross
  • Interactive workshop

Read more about the speakers here. 

Tinkr and Innovation Norway invites participants from the workshop session on innovative procurement to an immediate follow up session. The follow up session will be from 10:30-12:00 in the EFTA building across the road from CICG, where unanswered questions, unaddressed topics, and other further discussion can take place. We would especially like to get into more detail about the what and how of the tool, and connect that to the experiences and realities you face in your own organizations. What could innovation friendly procurement do for my organization? What problems could it solve, and what opportunities could it help us to seize? And what are some of the barriers we would need to overcome to benefit fully from this approach?

We will provide light snacks and drinks! Hoping very much to see you there.

Follow this link to register.

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