Innovative financing – Business models for sustainable humanitarian action

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Oslo KPMG, Sørkedalsveien 6 Kontakt: Therese Marie Uppstrøm Pankratov 27.11.2019 08.30.00 27.11.2019 13.00.00 Europe/Oslo Innovative financing – Business models for sustainable humanitarian action KPMG, Sørkedalsveien 6 Therese Marie Uppstrøm Pankratov Legg til i kalender

What characterise sustainable business models in humanitarian action? How can humanitarian projects attract private investors? Innovation Norway and KPMG Norway invite humanitarian organisations, investors, private sector and academia to a half-day seminar on innovative financing in humanitarian action. Join us in thinking outside the box!

Traditional, humanitarian financing falls short in supporting people facing imminent, new or ongoing crises. New actors need to get involved, new partnerships need to be merged, new sources of funding and new business models must be found and scaled.

The discussion around innovative financing in humanitarian action spans a broad array of approaches, from insurance, impact bonds, cash transfer programming, pay as you go solutions, unearmarked, multi-year funding, to a mixed approach with blended finance.

During this seminar we will discuss two aspects of innovative financing:  

  1. what attracts new funding and investor financing to humanitarian projects and programming?
  2. what characterises sustainable, humanitarian business models?

A background paper with a summary of the latest reports on innovative financing, with specific examples from the field, will be developed and presented by Elisabeth Fosseli Olsen, head of innovation, KPMG. Read the paper here.

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8:30-9:00 Registration, breakfast and coffee

9.00-9:05 Welcome and presentation of the agenda and keynote speaker: Therese Marie Uppstrøm Pankratov, Head of the Humanitarian Innovation Programme, Innovation Norway.


9:05-9:20 Keynote speaker: Andrej Kirn, Lead, Humanitarian Agenda, International Organizations and IGWELs, World Economic Forum Humanitarian Investing: Mobilising Capital in Fragile Contexts

9.20-9.30 Presentation of background paper: Elisabeth Fosseli Olsen, Head of Innovation, KPMG


9.30-10:30 Presentations. Moderator: Kim N. Gabrielli, Executive Director, UN Global Compact Norway.

  1. Financial services to low income communities: Selma Kveim, CEO, Bright Products 
  2. Circular economy and crowdsourcing: Wilhelm Myhrer, CEO, Empower
  3. Financing through carbon offset: Anna Kaplina, Senior Environmental Officer, United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR)

10.15-10:25 Coffee break

10:25-11:35 Session 2 continues

  1. Micro financing: Arthur Sletteberg, Managing Director, Nordic Micro Finance Initiative AS.
  2. Multiplying the effect of cash transfer programming: Lars Andre Skari, Head of Strategy and Results, Norwegian Red Cross
  3. Trends in impact investing: Cilia Holmes Indahl, CEO, Katapult
  4. Scaling solar in humanitarian contexts: Terje Osmundsen, CEO Empower New Energy

11:25-11:35 Break


11.35-11:55 Moderated talk

Maria Amelie, Co-founder and CEO of Startup Migrants

Stine Paus, Director for institutional partnerships, Norwegian Refugee Council

Moderator: Elisabeth Fosseli Olsen, Head of Innovation, KPMG

11:55-13:00 Light lunch and mingling

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