Jordan Energy Hackathon 2020

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Amman, Jordan Zain Innovation Campus (ZINC) & TechWorks (BLD 23) – King Hussein Business Park Kontakt: Emilie Skogvang Free 20.02.2020 17.00.00 02.03.2020 17.00.00 Europe/Oslo Jordan Energy Hackathon 2020 Zain Innovation Campus (ZINC) & TechWorks (BLD 23) – King Hussein Business Park Emilie Skogvang Legg til i kalender

Calling on innovators, entrepreneurs and creative thinkers from all backgrounds to join us in our Energy Hackathon in Amman, Jordan! This hackathon will bring together youth, start-ups, tech geeks, organisations and refugees to find innovative solutions to humanitarian and development challenges within the energy sector.

Hackathon setup

We will kick off the hackathon on Thursday 20 February at 5 PM, with a formal opening ceremony and presentations of the challenges and background information.

The participants will work in teams and are required to be present at Zain Innovation Campus (ZINC) during the weekends (21-22 February and 28-29 February). During the week (23-27 February), participants can decide to work remotely or at ZINC.

Experts and mentors will be available to support the teams in the 2nd weekend (28-29 February).

The deadline for the participants to submit their ideas/solutions (in Arabic or English) is Saturday 29 February at 5 PM. 

The winner(s) will be announced during an award ceremony on Monday 2 March at 5 PM. 

Breakfast, lunch and dinner will be provided for the participants at ZINC during the weekends.


Zain will provide a cash grant of up to 6 000 JOD for the winning team(s) to continue the development of their solution. Depending on the jury's assessment, 13 winners will be announced. In addition to the cash grants, the winner(s) will get the chance to collaborate with UNDP Jordan’s Accelerator Lab to further test and prototype their solutions and receive support in identifying opportunities for scaling. Winning teams could also have the possibility of further developing and implementing their ideas in cooperation with energy businesses and/or humanitarian organisations.

For humanitarian organisations, an additional outcome of the hackathon is the opportunity to apply for funding from the Humanitarian Innovation Programme (HIP), managed by Innovation Norway.


Challenges to be hacked

  1. How can households become more energy efficient and reduce their electricity consumption?
  2. How can households apply innovative approaches to monitor and control electricity consumption?
  3. How can innovative approaches and new technology be utilized to ensure that people in the Zaatari and Azraq refugee camps have equitable access to electricity?


Click here for more information and registration (NB: deadline is 15. February).

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