Energy innovation in humanitarian settings: Cash for energy

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Nairobi Strathmore University, Strathmore business school Auditorium Kontakt: Emilie Skogvang 13.02.2020 10.00.00 13.02.2020 14.00.00 Europe/Oslo Energy innovation in humanitarian settings: Cash for energy Strathmore University, Strathmore business school Auditorium Emilie Skogvang Legg til i kalender

Innovation Norway’s Humanitarian Innovation Programme in collaboration with NORCAP/Norwegian Refugee Council welcome businesses, humanitarians, experts and investors for a seminar on solar solutions and cash based interventions in humanitarian settings.

This event aims to bring innovators, humanitarian organizations, energy experts, and cash expertise together with private sector, to:

  • Discuss how access to clean cooking solutions or solar power in humanitarian settings can be supported with cash-based interventions (CBI).
  • Discuss successful (and experience from) CBI for energy projects and discuss whether this should be scaled and duplicated in humanitarian settings.
  • Share successful business models to scale the use of renewable energy in humanitarian operations, discuss challenges and the way forward.
  • Involve the private sector and financial institutions and initiatives in the humanitarian energy space.

*Cash based interventions is an umbrella term for different modalities aiming to increase the purchasing power of people affected by humanitarian situations. This means that humanitarian organisations provide support like vouchers, credit cards, mobile money etc. instead of in kind support to people affected by crisis.

The seminar will be from 10am-1 pm, and lunch will be served from 1-2pm. 


  • 9am: Breakfast and registration
  • 10am: Welcome by Innovation Norway and NORCAP.
  • Introducing innovative cash-based programming in humanitarian settings in East Africa: how can these cash transfers support energy access programs? And what are the challenges? Presentations from CashCap, Oxfam and NRC Regional Office.
  • Q&A
  • Short presentation by selected innovative private companies, with concrete examples and results
  • Coffee break
  • Panel discussion, led by the Global Plan of Action:
    • What are the possibilities and bottlenecks for cash for energy?
    • Where have we seen recent wins? Why were they wins, can it be replicated and scaled?
    • What is the role of the private sector?
    • What is the role of the humanitarian sector?
  • Closing remarks
  • 1-2pm: Time to mingle + Lunch

The seminar will be organised in the margins of the official visit of the H.R.H Crown Prince Håkon of Norway to Nairobi.

There will be an opportunity for companies to have a stand during the seminar. If this is of interest, please send an email to

We are also especially interested in learning more from the gender aspect to the clean energy access in humanitarian settings. If you are a woman -or specially working with women- and have something to say, please tell us at and you can be invited to present your story.


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