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In our second collaboration in South Africa following a very successful Nordic Energy Days in Pretoria in 2017, Innovation Norway and the Nordic countries are hosting Nordic Utility Days 2019 in Cape Town at African Utility Week.

This event takes place annually from the 14 to 16 May 2019 at the Cape Town International Convention Centre. Around 7000 participants from nearly 80 countries are expected in Cape Town.

The aim of Nordic Utility Days is to position the Nordics and to create maximum exposure for companies interested in doing business in Africa. This event will focus on speaker engagements, b2b meetings, a pitching session in the Technical Hub, branding and networking engagements.

We are looking for panellists and experts to join our panel discussions at Nordic Utility Days.

1. Investment Trends towards Sustainability
Nordic investors are at the forefront of phasing out fossil fuels in their portfolios with the biggest publicly traded Norwegian life insurer, Storebrand ASA and the Sovereign Wealth Fund taking the lead. As this global trend continued and is monitored by Bloomberg New Energy Finance where for 2018 focus areas are clean energy & transport, what is South Africa’s stance on this? This begs the question of how South Africa will be able to sustain coal as an energy source and attract investors into the country. What does this mean for Eskom which generates around 50 per cent of all electricity in Sub-Saharan Africa?

2. Making the Transition from Coal to Clean Energy
The energy mix is rapidly decarbonising – coal has already peaked, oil is to peak in 2023 and natural gas will become the largest single source from 2026. This reveals a dramatic energy transition. The Scandinavian business community is actively pursuing opportunities in renewable energy in developing countries and an emerging “renewable energy cluster” is apparent. Energy Storage has also become a hot topic and the Nordics have conducted important research in this area. This panel will focus on Nordic skills and know-how and how this can be integrated into the African context.

3. Smart Cities and why the Nordics are Leading
South Africa has come a long way in identifying needs and establishing initiatives in the major cities but complete strategies are still being finalised. Energy saving solutions, management of water and traffic congestion are some of the smart initiatives to consider. In this area, the Nordics are leaders in this area and insights into how to manage cities from the Nordics will be shared.

4. Smart Water Management to tackle Water Scarcity
The drought in the Western Cape region is only a sign of the longer-term water constraints South Africa will suffer. This has led for a demand for new technology and services that better enable the management of this scarce resource. Key areas are in water metering and monitoring, water efficiency, water reuse and alternative water supply. The Nordics have developed innovative solutions and systems for smart water management and are active in South Africa.


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