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  • Norwegian Business Delegation to Kenya

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    Nairobi, Kenya Kontakt: Karen-Anne Tveiten NOK 6,000 - NOK 10,000 09.02.2020 18.00.00 12.02.2020 16.00.00 Europe/Oslo Norwegian Business Delegation to Kenya Norwegian Business Delegation to Kenya Karen-Anne Tveiten Karen-Anne.Tveiten@innovasjonnorge.no Legg til i kalender

    Innovation Norway invites Norwegian companies to join a business delegation to Kenya 9 – 12 February 2020, on the occasion of the planned official visit by HRH Crown Prince Haakon. The business delegation aims to strengthen Norwegian partnerships with Kenya by exploring business opportunities of mutual interest, with focus on sustainable solutions. Being part of the business delegation is an excellent networking and learning opportunity for companies eager to explore and expand in the Kenyan and East African market.

    Why Kenya?
    Kenya is the economic, financial, and transport hub of East Africa, and often serves as a gateway for foreign investors to the region. Kenya’s GDP growth has averaged over five per cent for the last decade.

    Agriculture remains the backbone of the Kenyan economy, accounting to one-third of GDP. Around 75 per cent of Kenya’s population have jobs related to the agricultural sector.

    Since 2018, the Kenyan government’s focus is on the Big Four agenda of delivering food security, affordable housing, more manufacturing, and affordable healthcare.

    Trade relations between Kenya and Norway 
    Kenyan-Norwegian bilateral trade has nearly tripled since 2004. 60 per cent of the Norwegian export to Kenya is chemical fertiliser. The main imports to Norway from Kenya are plants, flowers, coffee, tea and spices. We also see increased cooperation and exchange within ICT, renewable energy and sustainable technology. 

    State-funded private equity firm Norfund has a portfolio of $230 million in Kenya, and has among other things invested in the country’s largest wind farm, the Lake Turkana Wind Power Project.  

    Sector focus
    Activities, seminars and events during the visit will take place under the sector themes mentioned below.

    • Renewable energy
    • ICT, digitalization and smart societies
    • Agritech
    • Investments

    Benefits of participating
    Participants will have access to all elements in the business delegation programme, including:

    • A plenary opening ceremony with high-level guests
    • Seminars, roundtables and site visits within relevant sectors of the Kenyan-Norwegian bilateral trade.
    • Two business dinners for Norwegian companies/organisations and their Kenyan counterparts.
    • Outreach to Kenyan and Norwegian media.
    • Information meeting in Oslo in the week commencing 3 February 2020. The meeting will be broadcasted online for those that are unable to attend in person.

    The visit is a unique door opener that can provide access to high-level officials and executives, and participants will have the opportunity to invite Kenyan counterparts to the delegation programme free of charge.

    The tentative official business delegation program starts in the evening of Sunday 9 February and lasts until morning of Wednesday 12 February.

    A detailed programme will be provided closer to date.

    NOK 10,000 for one participant from a company/organisation. NOK 6,000 for each following participant from the company and NOK 6,000 for companies with 4 or fewer employees. Payment is due upon registration. The registration is binding.

    Please note – the participant is responsible for booking flights and accommodation individually.


    Innovation Norway organises the business delegation in collaboration with the Ministry of Trade and Industry. The delegation is part of the official visit to Kenya. In addition to the Crown Prince, the Norwegian delegation will consist of representatives from political leadership.

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