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  • Electric City 2021

    Innovation Norway and Norwegian Energy Partners are working to create a strong Norwegian presence at one of 2021's largest and most important meeting places for the wind industry: WindEurope's Electric City 2021. Come join us in Copenhagen in the week of the 22nd of November 2021. 

    Electric City is a new onshore and offshore wind event, with participants from wind and beyond – heavy industry, mobility, district and domestic heating, storage, hybrids, hydrogen and many more. This means that you, as usual, will meet leading offshore representatives such as planners, manufacturers, suppliers, financiers, operators and service providers, as well as new potential business partners and customers, including companies who haven’t engaged with wind energy before but now want to. It will be a unique event where you’ll find new technologies, new thinking and new relationships to power the energy transition – and Europe's Green Deal.

    Innovation Norway, NORWEP and The Norwegian Offshore Wind Cluster will organise a great Norwegian pavilion, networking functions and meeting activities with major offshore wind players.

    Norwegian pavilion

    We have booked a 108 sq m stand space for the Norwegian pavilion with a good position in one of the main halls of the fair.

    Exhibitors under the Norway pavilion are entitled to:

    • Exhibition space at the pavilion, including stand construction and project management
    • Exhibition passes
    • Participate in meeting activities and networking functions (TBA)
    • Listing of your company on the WindEurope`s website, app and brochure
    • Listing in Team Norway`s marketing channels i.e. The Explorer

    Secure your stand space now!

    Participation fee

    • Small stand space: Approx. NOK 50 000,- excl. VAT*
    • Large stand space: Approx. NOK 100 000,- excl.VAT*
    • Flexible size – please send your request to

    *The participation fee will cover direct costs related to the Norwegian pavilion.Note that the final participation fee will depend on the exchange rate between NOK and EUR/DKK.

    All participants are responsible for their own travel-related reservations and fees, i.e. hotel and flights.

    For more information about Electric City, visit:



    Kontakt: Veronica Broholm

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