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  • High Potential Opportunities (HPO)

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    Photo by Rasmus Kuber on Unsplash

    High Potential Opportunities (HPO) is a new demand driven export program where Team Norway at large (public business support institutions, ministries, embassies, business clusters and business organizations) will assist Norwegian companies to win big international commercial contracts (above 500 mill NOK). Together with Team Norway, Innovation Norway has a central role in finding, validating, executing and coordinating public support and assistance.

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    What is an HPO project?

    An HPO–project is defined in two ways:

    1. The process of pursuing one big international contract abroad which represent substantial commercial market opportunities at least 500 mill NOK for the Norwegian companies or
    2. The process of pursuing investments which will lead to several contracts abroad which represent totally at least 500 mill NOK for the Norwegian companies involved

    All relevant players can seek, find and propose an HPO project, including Innovation Norway’s offices abroad.

    Criteria for HPO

    Seek/find/suggest phase must comply with criteria 1,3, 4 and 5 – rest will be done later, 2 before decision phase and 6 in the project execution phase.

    1. Contract(s) shall benefit the Norwegian companies. This could be a larger company with several small or medium sized subsuppliers.
    2. The companies must commit themselves to the possibilities/project(s)
    3. The Norwegian part of the contract(s) value shall be at least 500 millions NOK
    4. Contract(s) shall be awarded within 6 years. Markets, customers and timelines shall be identified.
    5. It should be a realistic possibility that the Norwegian companies can win the project(s). This must be based on an evaluation of the competition.
    6. Team Norway shall give value added to the project. Team Norway «toolbox» shall be used to contribute to the HPO project, for example Embassy, IN offices abroad, official delegations, seminars, workshops and other official bussiness support instruments and services



    If you have any questions about the HPO program, please contact us: