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  • Global Growth – Singapore Maritime Digitalisation and Decarbonisation


    Singapore is the leading maritime capital of the world, and it is in the process of transforming its maritime industry through digitalisation and decarbonisation.

    Does your company have innovative solutions in these areas and wish to explore the market opportunities in Singapore? Submit your interest in the export program and take part in the process to explore the business potential in the Singapore maritime market.

    Norsk versjon: Global Growth – Digitalisering og avkarbonisering av den maritime næringen i Singapore

    Singapore is currently the biggest transhipment port in the world. To retain its competitiveness, it is transforming its port and maritime operations through technological innovations such as maritime drones, enhancing coastal and satellite communications, development of digital platforms and using IOT, AI and machine learning technologies. Autonomous vessels and operations are also undergoing trials.

    Singapore is also the world’s largest bunkering port and home to 5,000 maritime organisations and businesses. Due to IMO 2030 decarbonisation goals as well as the Singapore government’s drive for maritime sustainability, the industry is actively exploring the use of clean alternative fuel and a Global Centre for Maritime Decarbonisation has been set up in Singapore this year. Companies in the bunker supply chain are exploring the development of the necessary infrastructure and technologies. Maritime authorities are also exploring the electrification of some 1,600 harbour crafts and joint industry projects have been launched.

    Shipyards in Singapore that were previously building oil rigs, floaters and platforms are switching their strategic focus to renewable energy projects such as offshore wind, onboard carbon capture as well as battery and hybrid vessels.

    Programme content

    Through workshops and seminars, both in Norway and in Singapore, your company will learn about the market and industry trends in Singapore. During the market visit, you will also be able to meet with industry players, regulators, and authorities in Singapore to identify business opportunities or collaboration projects. Innovation Norway Singapore will support you in building an optimal market strategy.

    Project goals for participating companies:

    • Meet with key market players, identifying relevant business opportunities and/or collaboration projects
    • Identify opportunities for public or public-private sector projects from industry players, regulators, and authorities
    • Meet with potential business partners or distributors in the market
    • Understand market needs and local conditions for customising solutions
    • Gather information and intelligence to make an optimal market entry strategy

    Why participate?

    • Your company has existing products, services or solutions that fit into the market opportunities in Singapore
    • Your company is considering expanding into the Singapore maritime market and is looking for a structured approach to enter the market
    • Your company has proven technologies in Norway or elsewhere and is keen to market or sell these technologies to Singapore
    • Your company can scale your technology platform or business through the Singapore maritime market
    • Your company is looking for business expansion in Asia, in which Singapore will be a good starting point or base
    • Your company already has existing business in Singapore but would like to explore new opportunities with the recent market trends

    Timeline and activities

    • Market overview and entry strategies seminar on 25 February 2022
    • Digital and pitch preparation workshop on 1 March 2022
    • Market visit (1 week) 9 to 17 March 2022
    • Asia Pacific Maritime Exhibition 16-18 March 2022
    • Singapore Maritime Week 4-8 April 2022
    • Targeted one-to-one meeting facilitations and identification of potential projects April to October 2022
    • Singapore Norway Innovation Conference maritime programme end October 2022

    Final dates for Market visit will be decided when the recruitment of participants is done.

    Participation cost

    Participation fee will be approximately NOK 20,000 per company for SME companies. Travel expenses and exhibition booths are not included.

    Registration deadline is 28 January 2022.