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  • Statement of interest - Global Growth Chile Salmon Aquaculture

    This project is designed for Norwegian companies who have technologies to serve the Chilean Salmon Aquaculture industry on the east coast of Chile, under the prevailing harsh ocean and high north environments challenges there. The project is run and sponsored by Innovation Norway.

    Before your company is admitted to the programme, you must answer the following questions. The information gathered will be used to tailor the programme and to inform Innovation Norway advisors, potential customers and partners, mentors and other interested parties.

    Deadline for registering your interest is August 30th 2019. For best results, we encourage companies to confirm two participants for the program.
    Questions marked * is mandatory information we need you to provide.

    An important part of the project is to develop a market entry strategy and action plans for activities leading to sales and increased export. Describe the company’s present position, and how you will achieve growth in the coming years.

    All too often are an ambition towards internationalisation aborted due to lacking support from owners and management, and that the ambition does not have sufficiently high priority. Participating in the Global Growth project demands allocation of necessary resources internally in the company, including capacity to follow up on requests for information and proposals, and active work within the focus market.