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  • Global Growth China Green-Tech Commercialization 2020

    Morning sun in Wuxi, Jiangsu, China. Danijel Durkovic, Unsplash
    Morning sun in Wuxi, Jiangsu, China.Danijel Durkovic, Unsplash

    Increasing demand for products and solutions in the field of environmental protection in the Chinese market is driven by government mandates on energy transition and industrial upgrading, as well as international committments on emission control. Norway is a world-leading provider of innovative green solutions and has unique competitive advantages to offer.

    Jiangsu is China’s second-largest province in terms of economic size. With strong players in research and development, and a diversified manufacturing sector, it offers suitable partners for local and international markets and an ideal location to demonstrate and commercialize new and innovative technologies.

    Innovation Norway and Jiangsu Provincial Department of Science and Technology have established a collaboration scheme to support solutions and joint projects within environmental technology with public funding from Norway and China.  

    Objective and aim

    Based on a MoU (memorandum of understanding) between Innovation Norway and the Jiangsu Provincial Department of Science and Technology, the objective of this project is to position Norwegian companies towards Chinese partners in the region when adapting Norwegian green tech for the local market. The long-term aim is for these partnerships to help Norwegian companies succeed in the Chinese market faster and with less risk.

    This is the second project, after the first was successfully implemented in 2019. Seven Norwegian companies participated in the project, with expected outcomes. Particularly one company established a joint R&D commercialization project with a Chinese company met during the program.

    Who can participate?

    • You have a new, innovative or upgraded environment-friendly technology or product, i.e. Green-tech, close to commercialization.
    • Green-tech includes - but is not limited to - new energy, renewable energy, energy saving, emission control, water and waste treatment, air quality, environmental monitoring, e-mobility, smart-building, green manufacturing, and environment-friendly technologies within maritime, marine, and oil and gas.
    • You have ambitions and can mobilize and allocate the needed resources to pursue the opportunities in China.

    The project includes:

    • Kick-off in the form of webinars, late May 2020.
    • One study trip to China, tentatively planned for September 2020 (dates and program subject to change depending on the covid-19 situation), including
      • Preparing you for doing business in China.
      • Business modelling, export regulations and financing.
      • Information and guidance on the Norway-China (Jiangsu) R&D co-funding program.
      • Information and guidance on relevant Innovation Norway programs, e.g. the Environment Technology Scheme and financing of pre-projects. 
      • B2B meetings with relevant market channels and possible partners.
    • One optional tour to China in November to follow up prospective leads.
    • Up to 10 hours of individual consultation services with Innovation Norway’s local advisors in China to clarify needs and prepare for China visits. Further individual services will be subject to a separate agreement.
    • Networking and experience sharing with other participating companies.
    • End-of-project summing-up, January/February 2021.

    What can you expect?

    We help you build your strategy and action plan to enter the market. After completion of the program, you can expect to have obtained:

    • Knowledge of China and Jiangsu in terms of economic status, business culture and market experience – not only in theory but also in practice.
    • Knowledge and assessment of market potential for your technology or product in China.
    • Consultation services from Innovation Norway’s experienced advisors in Norway and China.
    • Assistance in seeking Chinese R&D partner candidates in Jiangsu.
    • Identification of possible funding opportunities for the identified projects.

    Participation fee

    SMEs: NOK 10 000. Large companies: NOK 20 000.

    Travel expenses, accommodation, food etc to be covered by the companies.

    Want more information? Please contact:

    Mr. Kjell Arne Nielsen, Special Advisor, China
    Kjell.Arne.Nielsen@innovasjonnorge.no, +47 992 87 311/+86 1348 244 2527

    Ms. Sandra Elise Vespestad, Internationalization Advisor, Region Vestland
    Sandra.Elise.Vespestad@innovasjonnorge.no, +47 959 27 611

    Mr. Eirik Henriksen, Senior Advisor, Region Oslo Viken
    Eirik.Henriksen@innovasjonnorge.no, +47 481 19 565

    Ms. Kari Sirnes, Special Advisor, Region Nordland
     Kari.Sirnes@innovasjonnorge.no, +47 902 03 628

    Ms. Qin Shi, Senior Advisor, China
    Qin.Shi@innovationnorway.no, +86 1 381 789 7197


    Disclaimer: The commencement and execution of this program is conditioned upon enough companies registering their interest, as well as a continuous assessment of the covid-19 situation.