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  • Global Growth Energy Technology and TechTransfer – Middle East

     Charlie Chesvick
    Charlie Chesvick

    There are interesting short and long term business opportunities in the Middle East region for Norwegian companies. Norwep and Innovation Norway have partnered up to connect and advice companies towards these market opportunities. This is a program for companies with international ambitions, that are eager to review market opportunities in the Middle East and ready to engage in business discussion with possible business partners in the region.

    Norwegian version: Global Growth Energy Technology and TechTransfer – Middle East

    Program ambition and what you get

    Success in the Middle East market require long term proactive business development from foreign companies. This is the background for Norwep and Innovation Norway to partner up and facilitate a program targeting the Middle East market. Norwegian companies have an interesting position based on our track record on developing and delivering offshore technology. Our aim is to facilitate and advice companies to:

    • Engage in business opportunities in the growing oil & gas industry in the Middle East
    • Learn about, position and engage companies for long term emerging business opportunities within tech-transfer, renewables, aquaculture, infrastructure and more in the Middle east

    We will facilitate this through a series of activities and events in Norway and in the Middle East. The program consists of preparation activities, workshops and meeting forums to discuss opportunities with relevant business partners locally in the Middle East.

    Who do we look for?

    Norwegian technology companies which identify themselves with one or several of descriptions below should seek more information about the program:

    • Companies within the energy sector with proven concepts & solutions for one or several areas:
      - Drilling & well technology
      - Solutions for reservoir optimization
      - Waste management
      - Industrial Software for energy sector
      - HSE
      - Other relevant solutions
    • Companies researching and or planning business in the Middle East
    • Companies with resources and capabilities to work on business opportunities in the region on a long term perspective.
    • Already established international business elsewhere other than the Middle East

    Attend the webinar presenting market reports and the export program to get more information

    Program structure

    Information and preparation phase (February-June 2020)

    • Information meetings week 37 in Oslo, Stavanger, Bergen, Kristiansand

    Go to market strategy workshop (November 2020)

    • Workshop in Oslo

    1st Market visit Middle East & Expo 2020 (Q1 2021)

    • Middle East countries
    • 1-to-1 advisory

    2nd Market visit Expo 2020 (Q2 2021)

    • Middle East countries
    • 1-to-1 advisory

    Follow up/ Closing of program (Autumn 2021)



    Participation fee

    Participation fee is NOK 30 000 per company for SME companies. Direct expenses related to project activities, e.g. travel and accommodation, is covered by each company.

    For further information please contact:

    Ivar-Jo Theien, Innovasjon Norge
    T: +47 924 09 315
    E: ivthe@innovasjonnorge.no

    Espen Teksum, Innovasjon Norge
    T: +971501658497
    E: espen.teksum@innovasjonnorge.no

    Oddmar Johannesen, Norwep,
    T: +47 971 61 333
    E: oddmar.johannesen@norwep.com