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  • Global Growth Fashion Skills for scale

     Fernando Meloni
    Fernando Meloni

    Don't miss this unique chance to learn from world leading expertise in the field. Apply for participation in our Global Growth export program, especially designed for Norwegian fashion industry, in collaboration with the world leading Fashion & Luxury Knowledge Center at the Bocconi University in Milan. Get access to the tools for your brand to frame your international strategy in the "new normal" and to successfully scale the global market. 

    Purpose and goal

    The program aims at strengthening the participants’ skills by developing a deeper and beter understanding of fashions global challenges and opportunities. The program applies a business management perspective.

    Best practices will be presented and discussed and supported by industry guest speakers and site visits.

    The Fashion and Luxury Knowledge Center comprises a rare blend of the highest academic expertise and business experience in the fashion sector, both in Italy and worldwide.

    The professors of the Faculty have writen best-selling books which have become worldwide references in the

    domain and are consultant for leading companies in Italy and Europe. The most recent business cases and most advanced academic research on fashion business will be presented to participants. The program will secure a tailor-made adaption according to the needs of Norwegian Fashion Companies.


    In the recruitment phase, Innovation Norway will make a Situation Analysis for each applicant - in collaboration with the Norwegian Fashion Hub. The Situation Analysis will be performed contacting each company for a brief interview, in order to clarify and review the starting point, motivations and expectations. The Situation Analysis focuses also on defining the goals the company wants to realize during and after the project.


    The program is composed of:


    28th October 2020 at Innovation Norway, Oslo

    Setting the context. Is your business model ready for the new normal.


    26th November 2020 at Innovation Norway, Oslo

    Framing the international strategy in the new normal.


    8th-9th February 2021

    An in-depth analysis of business process to grow:

    • Defining the seasonal offer in a seasonless environment.
    • Retail development and customer engagement.

    We will gather the participants in Oslo for the digital workshops for group discussions and knowledge sharing.

    Participation fee

    The company participation fee is € 1.150,-.

    The company also covers its own travel and accommodation costs.


    This program is reserved for Norwegian fashion companies.

    8 - 10 companies will be offered participation. For the best possible effect, we recommend attendance by 2 persons from each company. Additional participants from some of the companies might be accepted, depending on available capacity, and will therefore require a separate approval in each case.

    To participate, send a short CV of the company’s two candidates, together with an application (max 1 page) containing a short profile of your company and motivation for participation to: emanuela.teani@innovationnorway.no

    Application deadline: 11th September 2020