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    metallrør med bokstavene H2
    Photo: Getty Images.

    Climate-friendly hydrogen has been identified as decarbonization option for many applications that are otherwise hard to decarbonise. In order to reach their climate goals, the EU and Germany in particular strive to transform large parts of industry, transportation and infrastructure to (green) hydrogen implementation.

    Germany has given itself very ambitious targets backed by large amounts of funding. The country aims to take a leading role in the global hydrogen business with a formalised action plan and concrete measures across the entire value chain. At the current stage of industry development, companies are joining forces to develop new solutions for future market growth.

    The Market Intelligence program is a component of Innovation Norway’s new export strategy and the High Potential Opportunities (HPO) Program with the aim of positioning Norwegian companies for contracts of minimum 500 million NOK on a foreign market with a horizon of 4-6 years.

    The aim of the Market Intelligence Program is to provide insight and access to the German hydrogen market and potentially give participating companies a sufficient platform for entering the HPO Program.

    Why you should join

    Participating companies can both learn from and contribute to the development landscape in hydrogen-related business in a market with large national funding and a track record of global reach. With the industry being formed by private players, it is essential to become part of conversations at an early stage. The program provides a network for future initiatives in the market, including High Potential Opportunities (HPO). Note that it is not a prerequisite to join the Market Intelligence Program in order to be relevant for the HPO and the tenders to come on the German market.

    What you will get

    For your participation/investment in this project you will receive:

    Insights: expert market advisors on the ground in Germany, providing ongoing market intelligence.
    Connection: access to development networks, clusters and companies together with in-depth support for developing value-propositions.
    Communication: support for communication and branding of your products and services.

    Who should join?

    Companies with relevant products and services for the hydrogen business and ambitions for global growth.


    Duration: March – September 2022

    • 4 Digital Market Intelligence Updates (webinar, briefings, expert talks, discussion, exchange)
    • Participation at the 1. German Norwegian Hydrogen Forum in Hamburg
    • Networking and introduction to business cluster
    • Follow-up and assistance to participating companies on specific task situation

    The program is closed. Interested to learn about opportunities, developments, and players on the German Hydrogen Market? Please contact us for further information.


    Gerda Geyer, gerda.geyer@innovationnorway.no, +49 172 20 55 89 3
    Sandra Vespestad, Sandra.Elise.Vespestad@innovasjonnorge.no, +47 959 276 11
    Arne Borgersen, arne.borgersen@innovasjonnorge.no, +47 911 23 143