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     Adam Niescioruk
    Adam Niescioruk

    Does your company have a solution within solar energy or other renewable energy sources, smart grid technology, modern energy systems or power storage? If yes, this Global Growth program is for you!

    Due to increasing coal prices, growing Emission Trading System (ETS) contributions to EU, and the pressure from the Polish population, Poland is looking for technology and solutions within renewable energy to reduce CO2 emissions and air pollution.


    Who may participate?

    • Norwegian SMEs and large enterprises offering relevant technologies and services
    • Companies that have not done business in Poland yet, and those that would like to increase their sales and strengthen their local presence
    • Companies with long term ambitions, dedication, and resources to grow internationally


    Goals for companies participating in the project

    • Learn about business opportunities in the Polish energy sector including the regulatory framework
    • Gain understanding of the Polish market specifics and business culture
    • Meet relevant stakeholders and business partners
    • Prepare a strategy for entering Poland and/or expanding activities on the Polish market


    Why participate?

    • To take advantage of the promising market opportunities in Poland
    • Easier and faster entrance onto the Polish market with reduced risk
    • Assistance of dedicated advisors throughout the project
    • Networking and experience sharing with other participating companies


    Most opportunities are available in the following market segments

    • Products and solutions for various areas of the renewable energy sector, especially solar power
    • Intelligent energy systems, particularly in the context of renewable energy development
    • Modern grid technologies
    • Technologies enabling power storage

    All the participating companies will be supported and followed-up by a competent business adviser during the planning of the go-to-market strategy. Each company shall make an individual project plan, prioritising specific projects, and clear action plans.



    December 2019 – March 2020
    Recruitment of participants.

    18th-19th of March 2020
    Kick-off Meeting and 1st gathering in Oslo.
    Market insight regarding the Polish power sector, regulatory network, renewable energy development, understanding of the Polish business environment and social interactions.

    20th-23rd of April 2020
    2nd gathering in Poland.
    Market visit in connection to an international Conference/Fair. Increased market insight. Meetings with potential partners and important stakeholders. Exchange of experience.

    June 2020
    3rd Gathering in Poland.  Workshop. Programme based on needs and wishes from the companies.

    August 2020
    Final meeting in Norway. Conclusions, communication of the most appropriate market entry strategy for each participating company.

    Individual follow-up of the companies between gatherings.



    20 000 NOK for Norwegian SMEs (accommodation, travel costs and other additional costs are not included and shall be taken by participating company).

    30 000 NOK for large companies.


    We accept registrations from companies, until Feb 10th 2020.

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