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     Clyde Thomas/Unsplash
    Clyde Thomas/Unsplash

    The Bay du Nord field in the Flemish Pass off the coast of Newfoundland, Canada with estimated reserves of 300 – 600 million barrels of oil, is expected to be the next development project for Atlantic Canada. Development and production of this field will be demanding as it is remote - 500 km offshore, in water depths of 1200 metre and under very harsh climatic conditions.

    Expected to begin development in 2020, by Equinor, Bay du Nord offers business opportunities for Norwegian companies that have technology that can help reduce costs on harsh and remote drilling, maintenance and production. This includes maximizing offshore storage, and efficiencies in transportation of personnel and goods.

    At the same time the O&G industry in Newfoundland is in the transition from production to enhanced recovery in mature fields with an increasing focus on Integrated Operations. Digitization and subsea innovation that can assist in cost reductions and operational and maintenance efficiencies are a priority.
    Innovation Norway in cooperation with NCE Energy Valley and Norwep are planning to set up a program for Norwegian SME’s to look closer into this market.

    Program outline

    The project consist of two market visits with a duration of 3-5 days in addition to two or three meetings in Norway. 

    • May – September 2019: Recruitment
    • Week 44: Kick off meeting in Norway
    • Week 48: First visit to St. John’s, Newfoundland
    • Winter 2019/-20: Meeting in Norway
    • Spring 2020: Second visit to St. John’s

    Final dates will be decided when the recruitment is done.

    Together with Norwegian Energy Partners we will arrange information seminars in

    • September 23 in Oslo (hosted by NCE Energy Valley at Fornebu)
    • September 25 in Bergen (venue TBC)
    • September 26 in Stavanger (venue TBC)

    NORWEP will present a new market report from Canada and Innovation Norway will present the content of the Global Growth project.

    Business opportunities

    Opportunity areas are within

    • Digitization
    • Clean technology
    • Remote operations
    • Integrated operations
    • Subsea technology
    • IOR advances
    • Reduction of waste management
    • Riser and buoyancy
    • Maximizing offshore storage
    • Effective transportation of personnel and goods

    Who should participate?

    • Your organization has relevant technology services or products suitable for northern, ocean and harsh environments
    • Your organization is looking for R&D partners within this region
    • Your organization is exploring opportunities within this region and would like to strengthen your presence in this market including looking for local production, potential partners, agents, etc
    • Your organization would like to build and confirm your Go-To-Market international strategy

    Your company is willing to set aside time and resources for the program and to follow up identified business opportunities

    What can you expect?

    • Be exposed to and understand the Canadian market and specific business culture
    • Meet with relevant market players
    • Understand what the market needs and business opportunities are in this region
    • Gather information and intelligence in order to make an optimal market entry strategy

    The program includes

    This program will deliver four workshops: Two in Norway to prepare companies for the Canadian program and have internal strategy discussions; and two market visits to Newfoundland, Canada where relevant competency sessions, networking and meetings with stakeholders will be arranged.

    Included in the deliverables will be presentations and analysis on Canadian market opportunities, meetings with relevant stakeholders and end users in the industry to better determine market potential, and ultimately, assistance to synthesize information gathered in order to formulate a realistic Go-To-Market strategy.

    Participation fee

    The participation fee per company is 30 000 for SME’s and 60 000 per large company.

    Direct expenses connected to the project activities, travel and accommodation is covered by each company.


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