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     Ilyass Seddoug/Unsplash
    Ilyass Seddoug/Unsplash

    Does your company want to develop competence and strengthen delivery capacity towards the UN market? Then we encourage you to submit your interest in our export program.

    The Global Growth United Nations Procurement export program will consist of three workshops in Norway, with a focus on, among other things, building competence towards the UN procurement portal and bid writing, as well as how the company can gain a foothold in the UN market through B2B partnerships with established UN suppliers. The program will also consist of market visits to acquire relevant knowledge, and to position your solution through dialogue with UN procurers and program specialists.

    Market Opportunities

    The UN is the world's largest public buyer of goods and services from private companies and procures for approximately NOK 150 billion on an annual basis. The UN is a large global system that purchases solutions for its own projects, and on behalf of governments. In 2018, Norway represented only 0.22% of the total market share.

    Norwegian companies can benefit by getting better acquainted with the opportunities that the UN market has to offer, and what in practice may lead to future and emerging markets in emerging economies and developing countries.

    The program aims to engage 10 relevant Norwegian companies.

    Project objectives for participating companies:

    • Insight and understanding about the UN market in general, and the specific sector / product, or service category the company delivers
    • Master the United Nations Global Marketplace (UNGM) procurement portal
    • In-depth knowledge of bid writing aimed at UN published tenders
    • Participation in at least one relevant UN tender
    • Initiated dialogue / collaboration with existing supplier to the UN

    Who should participate?

    This program is suitable for companies that have growth ambitions and some experience from international markets. Relevant products and services are, for example, within sectors such as water, energy, waste management, health and digital solutions.

    Participation fee

    NOK 20,000 per company (accommodation, travel expenses, and other similar costs is covered by each company).

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