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     Zbynek Burival/Unsplash
    Zbynek Burival/Unsplash

    The Golf of Mexico region is among the largest and most diversified energy regions in the world. There is a constant need for new technologies to make energy production and infrastructure more sustainable and effective.

    Innovation Norway have built up and delivered 8 succeeding entry to market programs over the last years in USA and Mexico. Hence, the now Global Growth US/Mexico Energy program is well known amongst the players in the industry. We have extensive contacts within the offshore as well as the onshore players. Given the size of the energy market in the region, the universe of problems to be solved is vast and there are a broad range of opportunities for Norwegian technology companies to act on. PS! The program is popular and fills up quickly.

    Program outline

    • May – August 2019: Recruitment
    • Fall 2019: Kickoff meeting in Stavanger 28 August from 9am – 1pm (lunch incl). Address: Løkkeveien 111.
    • October 2019: First visit to Market (Houston/Mexico)
    • February/March 2020: Second visit to Market (Houston)
    • May/June 2020: Third and final visit to Market (Houston/Dallas/Oklahoma)

    Final dates will be decided when the recruitment is done.

    Business opportunities

    Opportunity areas are within a broad range of areas such as (but not limited to)

    • Digitization
    • Clean technology
    • Remote operations
    • Integrated operations
    • Subsea technology
    • Seismic interpretation
    • EOR
    • Reduction of waste management

    Who should participate?

    • Your organization has relevant technology services or products suitable for offshore or onshore operations
    • Your organization is looking for R&D partners within this region
    • Your organization is exploring opportunities within this region and would like to strengthen your presence in these markets including looking for local production, potential partners, agents, etc
    • Your organization would like to build and confirm your Go-To-Market international strategy
    • Your company is willing to set aside time and resources for the program and to follow up identified business opportunities

    What can you expect?

    • Be exposed to and understand the US market and specific business culture
    • Meet and network with a significant number of relevant market players
    • Understand what the market needs and the business opportunities within this region
    • Gather information and intelligence in order to make an optimal market entry strategy

    The program includes

    This program will deliver four workshops: one in Norway to prepare companies for the program and have internal strategy discussions; and three market visits to USA and Mexico where relevant competency sessions, networking and meetings with stakeholders will be arranged. The primary focus of the program is the US market, Mexico will be arranged upon shown interest from the participants.

    Participation fee

    The participation fee per company is 70 000.- Direct expenses connected to the project activities, travel and accommodation is covered by each company.


    Meld interesse/ Submit interest latest by 15. Sept: