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  • Global Growth – Marine Debris in Indonesia


    Norwegian companies with promising technologies or solutions to tackle the immense problem of marine littering, were during 2018-19 invited to join the programme Global Growth Marine Debris Indonesia.

    About Global Growth Programmes

    Global Growth is a series of export programmes delivered by Innovation Norway to help Norwegian companies grow in international markets. Participation will increase speed and reduce risk when pursuing new, international business opportunities. Each programme is tailor-made for a group of companies having products, services or technologies that solve problems in specific sectors or industries.

    Waste in Indonesia

    Indonesia is facing significant challenges on sustainable environmental management, not least in terms of waste resource management. The country produced 3.2 million tons of plastic waste in 2010, with around 1.29 million tons of that ending up in the ocean. The figure places Indonesia second only to China, with its 8.8 million tons of waste, or 27 percent of global plastic waste. Against this backdrop, Indonesia will reduce 70% of its plastic debris over the next eight years starting in 2017. The country will launch its National Action Plan on Marine Plastic Debris that contains numerous strategies and concrete plans on land, in coastal areas, and at sea, aiming at significantly reducing marine plastic debris as well as contributing to the national ambition on the realization of a trash-free Indonesia.

    In addition, Indonesia is also constructing a national program to address the land-based management of waste over a period of four years with finances of up to USD 1 billion, and welcome collaboration from strategic partners, which include Norway and other Nordic countries in this regard.

    Opportunities exist for both Norwegian technologies and strategies to efficiently clean up at sea, as well as comprehensive solutions from handling dangerous waste, better value chain for plastic recovery, and producer responsibility in the areas of packaging. The whole circular economy needs a boost in Indonesia.

    What can you expect?

    We will provide the tools so that you can build an internationalization strategy that meets product/market-fit. Each program is tailor made to fit your specific needs in order to gain fast-track access to the market. The program includes:

    • Mentoring; individually and in a group
    • Pitch training and presentation exercises
    • Workshops and business modelling
    • B2B meetings with industry players
    • Site visits
    • Meet relevant stakeholders and potential business partners
    • Strengthen your market insight and test your products or services when meeting with potential clients and partners operating in the Indonesian market.
    • Enhance your business’ value proposition. Enter a dialogue with government authorities.

    Practical information

    The programme aimed at helping the participating companies discover their business potential, understand Asian business culture and capture the future growth opportunities of the industry. The programme aimed at preparing the participants for growth into the Asian market. 10 Norwegian companies were part of the programme.

    Important dates 2018 - 2019

    • 31 August 2018- Kick-off meeting in Oslo, Norway
    • 5-9 November - 1st Gathering in Indonesia: one week programme with site visits, workshops, seminars with a mix of experts, mentors, industry leaders, investors and professionals.
    • March 2019 – 2nd Gathering in Indonesia
    • May – Closing seminar in Lofoten, Norway. Summary and lessons learned