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  • Global Growth – Maritime Industry Southern Africa

    New program in Southern Africa focuses on the growing Maritime Industry

    Why choose South Africa as a new market?

    Building the Blue Economy will be crucial for African countries to achieve their economic growth ambitions over the coming years. To beneficiate and export commodity assets, countries throughout the continent need efficient, innovative transport and logistics environments.

    South Africa, the most advanced economy in Africa, offers concrete business opportunities in the maritime industry as a result of a dedicated drive to further develop the Blue Economy. The strong engineering backbone, solid legal and banking systems make it the ideal gateway to also access opportunities in Sub Sahara Africa.

    There are solid business opportunities in three areas: Smart and Green Ports, Shipbuilding and Repair and Maritime Training

    This program is designed to support companies with the ambition and capacity to access tender and other opportunities in this market.

    This program to South Africa is to:

    • Provide market insights and the identification of business opportunities
    • Expose to the maritime ecosystem and business culture
    • Provide platform to network with relevant players
    • Gather market intelligence in order to develop the best market entry strategy

    Why participate?

    • Your company has relevant solutions or products suitable for the areas of opportunity identified
    • You are looking for business partners/ representatives in this region
    • Strengthening your presence in this market and Region
    • Your organization want to build and confirm your international strategy

    Deliverables to participating companies:

    • Introduction to concrete business opportunities
    • Insights from industry players and analysis of market opportunities
    • Networking and site visits with relevant officials/ agencies/ shipyards and other key players
    • Mentorship and consultancy services to assist with presentation of services and products
    • Mentorship to use the information gathered to formulate your Go-to –Market international strategy

    8-10 Norwegian companies will be selected to participate in the program.

    Programme duration: Q3 – Q1 2019 (6 months)

    Minimum 2 visits to Cape Town and Durban (5 days for 1st visit)

    Participation fee per person working for an SME will be NOK 15 000

    Travel and accommodation expenses are not included

    There currently is a window of opportunity for solution providers addressing the areas mentioned above- please register your interest in participation as soon as possible


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