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  • Global Growth Industrial Cooperation

     Thyssenkrupp Marine Systems
    Thyssenkrupp Marine Systems
    Global Growth is an export program delivered by Innovation Norway to assist Norwegian companies grow in international markets. Participation in this program will increase speed and reduce risk when pursuing new, international business opportunities. Each program is tailor-made for a group of companies having products, services or technologies that solve problems in specific sectors or industries. 

    Background of the project Global Growth Industrial Cooperation

    The Norwegian and the German federal governments signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) in the start of 2017 which aims at procuring identically constructed submarines together. Norway intends to buy four submarines and Germany two submarines from the German shipyard thyssenkrupp Marine Systems (tkMS). The total Norwegian volume of this procurement is more than 2.0 billion Euro whereof 100% will be subject to so called industrial cooperation. 

    This planned project will have a great impact on the future cooperation between Norway and Germany, and can lead to a strategic collaboration between Norwegian and German companies and research institutions for the next decades. 

    Goals of the project Global Growth Industrial Cooperation

    Innovation Norway will take the opportunity of this military procurement project to facilitate a closer cooperation between Norwegian and German (potential) partners. Innovation Norway will support Norwegian companies independent of their size and which industry they belong to, as long as their technical solutions and services are of relevance to the industrial cooperation project. 

    Planned activities of Innovation Norway in this project

    Innovation Norway intends to contribute broadly as an enabler - especially of Norwegian SME businesses - in order to establish fruitful industrial cooperation between Norwegian and German partners in different ways:

    • Organizing workshops informing interested Norwegian companies of the conditions of industrial cooperation and military standards (mil-specs)
    • Assisting companies in building relevant market and technical competence needed to fulfil obligations mentioned above
    • Being a (financing) partner for Norwegian companies targeting financial assistance for both development projects as well as adaption of production (capacities) 
    • Helping German companies identifying potential Norwegian suppliers or cooperation partners


    About Innovation Norway

    Innovation Norway is the most important national and international trade and economic representation of the Norwegian Government. The organization is promoting development of sustainable and future-oriented Norwegian business, assisting start-ups as well as growth companies in getting access to new national and international markets. 

    Innovation Norway is operating offices throughout Norway and in 29 countries worldwide. The total number of employees is more than 700 people. 

    Innovation Norway provides competence, advisory services, promotional and network services, enabling Norwegian enterprises to access a broad business support system as well as financial instruments.

    Our financing services consist of loans, grants and guarantees, or a combination of these. Innovation Norway is a financial investor who partners with organizations to contribute to increased value in Norway. Target users for these instruments are innovative start-ups, growing enterprises and companies with ambitions for international growth. Click here for further information about our financial services.


    For further information, please contact: 

    Arne Lueders 
    Senior Market Advisor Germany Office 
    Phone: + 49 40 2294 1557 Mobile: + 49 173 1552200