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  • Global Growth – Maritime Cleantech Pacific Northwest

    Photo: Axel Ahoi
    Photo: Axel Ahoi
    The Pacific Northwest houses some of the largest ports in US and Canada and are in the process of electrifying and decarbonizing their operations and are looking for technology to further advance the development.

    The Global Growth Pacific Northwest Maritime Cleantech program consists of two meetings in Norway and two one-week group visits to the Pacific Northwest regions including meetings with relevant business and institutional decision makers seeking to explore opportunities, identify clients and partners to successfully enter the market or expand existing business.

    Programme outline:
    * November and December 2018: Recruitment of companies for the program.
    * January 2019: 1st market visit to the market; Vancouver and Seattle.
    * March 2019: Round of meetings and presentations in Norway, which includes discussions on deliveries.
    * April 2019: (post Easter) 2nd trip to Vancouver-Seattle
    * TBA: One full week in California. Date and program to be confirmed.

    Business opportunities
    The Port of Vancouver, the most diversified and one of the largest in North America is expanding to increase capacity as trade with Asia grows, as well as electrify/decarbonize their operations. There are numerous companies in the area that serve port interests and businesses who are potential customers or development partners for the NCE Maritime Cleantech. The Port of Seattle is undergoing similar transition. The Washington Maritime Blue strategy is intended to ensure Washington state is home to the most sustainable maritime industry by 2050, aligned with Gov. Inslee’s plans for deep de-carbonization, innovation and workforce development. The Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach comprise the largest port complex in the United States and are key players in global enterprise. Together, they handle a fourth of all container cargo traffic in the United States. We believe this is the right moment to present innovative and solid technology solutions for secure and efficient cleantech operations to the Pacific Northwest market.

    Who should participate?
    Companies who would benefit from joining this program are those with expertise in maritime cleantech, including energy-efficient, lower emissions, and environmentally friendly technologies aimed at servicing ports and harbour milieus. This also includes logistics, electrification and battery technology. We believe it is an ideal moment to present relevant Norwegian technology solutions for maritime cleantech to the Pacific Northwest region.
    What can you expect?

    We will support you in building an internationalization strategy that meets product/market-fit. Each program is tailor made to fit your specific needs to gain access to the market. The program includes:

    * Workshops and business modelling.
    * Information on export regulations and practical guidelines.
    * B2B meetings with relevant representatives from the Pacific Northwest market.
    * Insight and increased knowledge about advanced international markets.
    * Understanding of the Pacific Northwest business environments and social interaction.
    * Increased market insight.
    * Information on how to set up and do business in the U.S. and Canada; IPR, contracting, legal structures.

    Participation Fee:
    NOK 25,000 per company (excluding accommodation, travel expenses to North America, and some meals).

    For further information, please contact: Gøril Selvik – Senior Advisor, Innovation Norway Bergen.
    Alana Prashad – Senior Advisor, Innovation Norway Toronto.
    Ken Huste – Advisor, Innovation Norway Houston.