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  • Industry 4.0 Acceleration Program (IAP) Munich - Ocean Industries

     HPI Academy - GCE Ocean - IBM
    HPI Academy - GCE Ocean - IBM

    Design and customer centric driven products, processes and solutions are key enablers to stay ahead of competition. Especially within the ocean industries with its asset heavy structure and long-term perspective, the potential to introduce data and customer driven solutions for making operations cheaper, safer and more efficient is huge.

    AI, IOT, Design-Thinking, Big Data analysis, Blockchain among other technologies are core tools to solve these challenges and be a market leader in your segment.

    This program gives you a unique opportunity to work with IBM experts to get first-hand insights and tailormade support working on your companies’ use-case to create new customer centric solutions that open new or different business opportunities.  


    • Creating a place for the logical next step for innovative companies seeking to go from theoretical training to practical application using design-thinking and mockup techniques
    • Fast-track the innovation process for new features, solutions and products
    • Develop practical solutions (MVP’s) in a co-creation effort between Norwegian innovative scale-ups and IBM Watson in the field of applied AI and IoT.
    • Enabling innovative Norwegian technology providers from the ocean industries to grow their business to a global and scalable business.


    • Introduction to agile and lean processes
    • Definition of business use-case
    • Design-thinking sessions to develop the use case focusing on the user experience
    • Mockup and architecture sessions to develop concrete goals and none-goals for the MVP phase
    • Definition of criteria for implementation of MVP and business- modelling
    • Access to IBM experts in data science, AI, Blockchain, IoT, Technology Integration, Big Data, Hybrid Cloud etc. according to the needs of your use case


    Desired outcome

    After completing the program, you will have a clear understanding of your use case and the way forward, to implement the idea into a real scalable solution. You will work on identifying potential market segments and new revenue streams for increased growth and export opportunities.

    Furthermore, the program provides the companies with tailormade technical competence in cooperation with IBM experts and your companies’ team members to fast-track the development process for your specific business use case.

    As an outcome, participants should have a clear and articulated hypothesis of the targeted solution, defined goals and non-goals for the MVP Phase with strong focus on user experience.


    • 05-23rd of August 2019: Recruitment phase, gather interest from the market
    • 26-30th of August 2019: final selection of 10 participating companies and their use cases
    • 17th of October 2019 1-day pre-program in Bergen with program information, design-thinking intro
    • Week 42-45: follow-up and preparation of participating companies in cooperation with IBM, Innovation Norway, GCE Ocean Tech and Siva
    • 11-15th of November 2019: 5-day design-thinking, mockup & architecture session in Munich
    • Week 47-50: follow-up with companies and individual sparring in the business modeling process to summarize findings and define next steps
    • 10th of December 2019: 1-day final workshop in Bergen with presentation and discussion of results

    Dates 2nd round:

    • Kick-off workshop Bergen 11th of December
    • Week in Munich mid-February 2020 (final dates will be published soon)
    • Final workshop 11th of March 2020

    Who should participate?

    • Norwegian technology companies from the ocean industries that want to develop better or new solutions or features that solves real customer problems.
    • Companies with strong owners and commitment from leadership to participation of several team members in the program
    • Growth companies with market experience and financial backbone
    • Strong team with skills to succeed
    • Companies that are open to learn and share and can execute
    • High substantial global market potential and scalable products


    NOK 35.000 per company (use case) not including, travel cost, accommodation and dinners.

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