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  • The European Energy for Smart Mobility Forum 2020

     Energy for Smart Mobility
    Energy for Smart Mobility

    Innovation Norway is working to create a strong Norwegian presence at this year’s European Energy for Smart Mobility (E4SM) forum, dedicated to innovative energy solutions for smart mobility.

    Norway, as a leader in the electrification of transport, will along with the United Kingdom be an honorary guest of this edition, and the official program features numerous Norwegian contributions at the policy and business level.

    Originally planned to Marseille, E4SM 2020 is going fully digital, giving you all the advantages of a physical meeting in a full digital experience. Participants will be able to connect in a safe manner through online conferences, workshops and networking sessions.

    The forum will bring together stakeholders from the energy and mobility sectors in a personalized virtual environment to discuss energy solutions for tomorrow’s mobility by promoting technical and commercial exchanges. The forum also focuses on the maritime and air sectors, road transport, as well as electric, hydrogen and biogas mobility solutions. International experts, decision-makers and financers, major companies as well as innovative start-ups, national and local authorities, will convene to exchange on the trends, perspectives, newest solutions as well as legal framework of this rapidly evolving sector.

    Norway will have its own digital stand featuring exhibitors ranging from innovative start-ups to major companies. Secure your place in the Norwegian digital delegation now! We have already got many exhibitors confirmed, and will be able to include your company in our promotion material if you send a request to gyrid.espeland@innovationnorway.no as soon as possible.

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