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  • Webinar: Russian Aquaculture

    Republic of Karelia. Evgeniy Shevlyakov
    Republic of Karelia.Evgeniy Shevlyakov

    Join us for the Russian Aquaculture Webinar focusing on the sector development and potential for Norwegian industry players.

    Aquaculture is a relatively young sector in Russia and has 5 % of country’s fish production. However, the sector started to gain the traction and now it's considered to be a rapidly developed one, demonstrating 10-15 % growth annually.

    Aquaculture sector is identified by the Russian government as a top priority sector within the Agriculture industry and has implemented a National plan for the development and growth goals for the aquaculture industry. Among the main targets of the plan, the Program sets an objective for increasing of the aquaculture production and fish consumption in the country. The plan is to increase its farmed seafood almost threefold by 2030.

    What is it about

    In geographical terms, Russia has all chances to reach ambitious goals in the sector having significant available water resources. However, only 23 % of all water resources is recently in use. Russian authorities are actively preparing water sites suitable for aquaculture to be offered to investors through the auction system.

    Growing investment activity in the sector during the last four years suggests that ambitious plans to accelerate the aquaculture industry could be actually reached in case problems are solved and international experience is used.

    The webinar will present the Russian aquaculture industry overview: characteristics, structure, resources of the sector, challenges, and opportunities for Norwegian companies.

    For whom

    Several Norwegian suppliers of marine, fresh-water and land-based technology, equipment, nets, fish feed, software, genetics, services etc. has been already involved in setting up marine and land-based sites for salmonids, having track record of sales in Murmansk, Karelia and other Russian regions. These companies are well experienced on the Russian market.

    Entire webinar could be useful for possible newcomers to Russia, which are thinking internationally, which are willing, able and ready to explore opportunities in a big country like Russia.


    • Trends of Aquaculture development. Regional review – Lubov Bychkova, Senior advisor Innovation Norway
    • Voice from the Russian market players – External speakers – to be confirmed




    Påmeldingsfrist: 29 sep 2020

    Kontakt: Dasja Sjaronova