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     Foto: L39
    Foto: L39

    Ben Brabyn is the Head of Level39, a highly connected tech community located in Canary Warf in London, since 2016He supports high-growth technology companies who are transforming the security, productivity and reach of global financial services and other sectors. Prior to this he worked for the UK government as COO of UK Trade and Investment’s Venture Capital Unit, leading a team of VC and sector specialists. The unit established relationships between global investors and a wide range of UK entrepreneurial businesses.  

    Ben started his career in the British Armed Forces and later joined JP Morgan as an analyst working in New York, London and the Middle East. In 2001, he launched his first digital business, a crowdfunding platform called Bmycharity, that he later sold to Help for Heroes. Shortly afterwards, Ben launched his next digital business, an e-commerce site, and also advised various energy, healthcare and social media businesses on strategy, finance and business development.  

    Ben holds a Master’s degree in Philosophy and Literature from Edinburgh University and an MBA from Warwick Business School.