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  • Stephen Hennigan - Deputy Head of UK Government Office for AI

     Foto: Stephen Hennigan
    Foto: Stephen Hennigan

    Stephen Hennigan is the Deputy Head of the Government's Office for Artificial Intelligence.

    The Government's Office for Artificial Intelligence is a joint unit between DCMS and BEIS which aims to make the UK the best place to start and grow an AI Business. The Office co-ordinates government work on AI including to promote AI skills, the sharing of data to support AI development, supporting sectors to boost productivity by using AI, and leading the world in safe and ethical use of AI and data. 

    The Office looks across all sectors of the economy and internationally to promote the use of AI, looking to bring together the UK's strengths in Digital, Data, regulation and ethics to create AI that works for everyone in society. For all of this work, the Office works closely with the Centre for Data Ethics and Innovation. 

    Stephen has been a Civil Servant for 12 years with previous experience in Transport and Energy policy as well as Parliamentary legislation, and before that in Consultancy. He has a Masters degree in Physics from Oxford University.