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  • German Norwegian Energy Forum

    Driven by climate goals and the rising demand for energy, global and local energy markets are in a continuous change. Norway and Germany are key partners for a secure and sustainable supply of European energy needs, which is equally true for fossil fuels as well as for renewable energy forms including associated infrastructures.

    About the German Norwegian Energy Forum

    When the Forum was initiated together with Norwegian key stakeholders it had the objective to make Norwegian actors aware of opportunities on the energy market in Germany. The aim has been and is to establish new business relations and to intensify existing contacts between the German and the Norwegian industry.

    On Site in Germany

    In 2019 on October 11, the forum takes place the 23nd time in Düsseldorf. Norwegian and German energy professional, solution providers and policy makers continue the cross-border dialogue. The forum is an open-minded arena for networking, discussions, sharing of latest developments, know-how and competence.

    Markets in Transition offer Opportunities

    Several issues are changing market structures and disrupting established business models in Norway and Germany. Challenges that are impacting company strategies are initiated by policy framework in the EU, Norway and Germany. As a business-oriented forum, companies present innovative technologies and service solutions to a pinpointed target audience and demonstrate how their approach looks like.

    Together with committed Norwegian and German professionals, the forum will continue to focus on trends on local and international energy markets. German companies are encouraged to take on opportunities for joint projects that also include on-site investment in Norway.