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  • 19th Annual German Norwegian Energy Forum

    The Transformative Power in the Energy Market

    See the presentations from the event:

    All of the presentations are in PDF format. 

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    • A new Market Design for the German Electricity Market - Local and European Context  

      Claas F. Hülsen, Head of Department Market & Policy Development, DNV GL-Energy - PRESENTATION

    • Energy Markets Towards 2050: They call it Disruption but it might be a Revolution

      Stefan Göbel, Head of Trading & Origination, Statkraft Markets GmbH - PRESENTATION

    • Prosumer Empowerment driving local Energy Market Design

      Dieter Hirdes, NCE Smart Energy Markets, Coordinator of the Horizon 2020 EMPOWER project - PRESENTATION

    • From Idea to Installation – Project & Corporate Financing for a New Energy Storage Technology

      Dr. Christian Thiel, CEO, EnergyNest AS - PRESENTATION

    • Intraday real-time Data and their Value for competitive Portfolio Management

      Christopher Koch, Portfolio Management CWE, Markedskraft Deutschland GmbH - PRESENTATION

    • Changing Energy Behaviour

      Line Riise Jensen, Director Corporate Sales, Ecohz - PRESENTATION
    • Norwegian Gas – Key to Germany’s Energy Transformation

      Rannveig Sofie Stangeland, Vice President, Government and Regulatory Affairs, Statoil - PRESENTATION 

    • Realizing the Potential of Hydropower Flexibility in European Markets by closer Stakeholder Cooperation

      Øyvind Stakkeland, Director, Agder Energi - PRESENTATION

    • How do the Nordic TSOs respond to the Challenges that the Nordic Power System is facing due to a significant Increase in Interconnector Capacity towards 2020

      Ingard Moen, Senior Vice President – Grid Planning and Analysis, Statnett SF - PRESENTATION