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  • Oil and gas: We provide indepth insight

    Is your company extending your business to the U.S.? We provide specific and industry focused assistance in analyzing the opportunities throughout the U.S. oil & gas market and assistance in entering the market.

    We help you with strategic planning
    Any company contemplating entry into the U.S. market should establish a comprehensive business plan and long-term strategy in the early stage of market entry. The U.S. is a very dynamic and competitive market, and the development of long-term strategic goals and criteria for success is an absolute necessity.

    We assist you with the development of this strategic plan at any stage, whether it be to assist you in defining your strategy or advising you on market conditions.

    Access to key decision makers
    In the U.S., who you know is just as important as what you know. Market visits are essential and intended to assist you in beginning your network efforts in the local market. We may assist you in gaining access to key decision makers in the U.S. oil and gas industry, in order to introduce your product and begin to establish your place in the local market.

    The way market visits are conducted is through our Global Growth program. Your company will be one of 8-10 companies that are presented to the industry jointly. We have good experience in this way of working with the industry. We may also do 1:1 projects but this is with companies that are well developed and have specific needs (this is due to capacity constraints).


    Houston er Amerikas fjerde største by og regnes som verdens energihovedstad. Over 5 000 bedrifter innen energibransjen er etablert her, i tillegg finner du 300 000 ingeniører og 27 % av alle jobbene innenfor E&P-markedet. Med andre ord er Houston plassen å være for bedrifter innen olje og gass. I tillegg byr Houston på rike mat- og kulturopplevelser og hoteller, shopping og uteliv i verdensklasse.