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Øyvind Enstad Haga


Tlf: +14169200434-123

Mobil: +14167254210

avdeling: Toronto

Øyvind Haga joined the office in January 2017 and holds a Master degree in Medical Biology from the University of Tromsø where he also worked as a scientist for a few years. He have broad experience within Innovation Norway both from our offices in Ålesund and Singapore and the headquarters, and for the last three years he have been working with organization development and digitalization. In Toronto he will work across sectors with managing and coordinating the office activities.

Alana Prashad


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Mobil: ...

avdeling: Toronto

Regional Americas lead for energy and environment. Works with smart grid, renewable energy, Arctic issues, hydrogen and fuel cells, CCS-U, and other environmental technology. Alana has also been involved in bilateral diversity and inclusion initiatives. Holds a Master of Energy Management, LEED Green accreditation and a certificate from MIT on Lifecycle Analysis.

Cathrin Bowen


Tlf: +14169200434 x121

Mobil: +14167051215

avdeling: Toronto

Cathrin is responsible for accounting in Americas offices of Houston, New York, San Francisco, Toronto and Washington, DC. She has 28 years experience in the organization. She speaks Norwegian and English fluently.

Lori Woloshyn


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avdeling: Toronto

Market Manager. Main aquaculture contact in America. Extensive network within Atlantic Canada aquaculture, including sea lice, cage and feed technology, cod development and traceability. Has competence and experience with offshore oil and gas, agriculture, healthcare, and furniture. Holds a Bachelor in Arts and has completed post-grad work in international marketing.

Eugene Aikimov,


Innovasjon Norge har kontor i:

Den norske ambassaden i Ottawa

Canada er en av verdens ledende økonomier som havner på toppen i internasjonale målinger på regjeringens åpenhet, borgerrettigheter, utdanning, helse og økonomisk frihet. I tillegg er Canada et foregangsland når det kommer til god forretningsskikk. 

Det er mange likheter med det canadiske og det norske markedet, noe som gjør at norske bedrifter normalt etablerer seg raskt her. Canada kan fungere som inngangsport til det samlede nordamerikanske markedet.