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  • Aquaculture: At the leading edge

    Enter the world’s most innovative and productive aquaculture nation; Canada is positioned to take challenges and opportunities in supplying the world’s fish head on. We possess extensive networks and can help you meeting the key players in order to access market opportunities.

    Canadian aquaculture is growing consistently to a total production of almost 200,000 metric tonnes. Production of finfish (primarily salmon) occurs mainly off the coasts of British Columbia, New Brunswick and recently Newfoundland and Labrador, while the production of shellfish occurs mainly in Prince Edward Island. British Columbia is the fourth largest producer of farmed salmon in the world after Norway, Chile, and the UK. 

    Consistently growing
    Bilateral agreements exist to accelerate growth in both Norway and Canada by sharing competence and experience. Almost 1 billion Canadian dollars is generated annually by the Canadian aquaculture industry, which should continue to grow as the industry innovates and grows, and the world's demand for seafood increases.

    Salmon, mussels and oysters
    Canadian aquaculture production consists of the following key groups:
    Salmon 61.5% or 123,000 metric tonnes
    Mussels 12.0% or 24,000 metric tonnes 
    Oysters 87.0% or 14,000 metric tonnes

    We assist you 
    We help Norwegian aquaculture companies understand the market and meet key players in Canada at all levels, from academic and research to large commercial players.

    Contact our expert: Lori Woloshyn

    Eugene Aikimov, Unsplash.com


    Innovasjon Norge har kontor i:

    Den norske ambassaden i Ottawa

    Canada er en av verdens ledende økonomier som havner på toppen i internasjonale målinger på regjeringens åpenhet, borgerrettigheter, utdanning, helse og økonomisk frihet. I tillegg er Canada et foregangsland når det kommer til god forretningsskikk. 

    Det er mange likheter med det canadiske og det norske markedet, noe som gjør at norske bedrifter normalt etablerer seg raskt her. Canada kan fungere som inngangsport til det samlede nordamerikanske markedet.