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  • Oil & Gas: Aim for new offshore oil developments

    Take part in a globally competitive market with Canada’s oil and gas business. We build networks and stay on top of developments and announcements in order to assist you in your business.

    The Canadian industry has many ties to the USA, and the majority of 2.6 million barrels of oil per day produced in Canada is exported to the United States.

    Having significant deposits of crude oil, Newfoundland and Labrador is currently producing over 300,000 barrels of oil per day from its three current offshore oil projects – Hibernia, Terra Nova and White Rose. Newfoundland’s fourth offshore oil development, Hebron, started its production in 2017. We have been working from Hebron's inception to build networks and stay on top of developments and announcements in order to access opportunities for Norwegian companies in this exciting area.

    Opportunities in future development
    Many Norwegian companies have gained access to the market by developing their local business networks throughout Newfoundland. The Newfoundland area is a focal point for Canadian oil and gas industry research and development, specifically, for future Arctic based activities. Key organizations that we partner with include Canada Newfoundland Offshore Petroleum Board, Memorial University, Marine Institute and the National Research Council Institute for Ocean Technology.  These players are leaders in assisting industry to develop new Arctic oil & gas specific technology that can be applied throughout world markets.

    Need of new technologies
    The Canadian oil sands, a key resource in North America, are in need of improved efficiency and technologies to reduce environmental impact. The west coast of Canada is seeing increased interest in developing LNG facilities, where the environmental standards and restrictions will be among the highest in the world. Due to the amount of hydrocarbon reserves through the whole country, resource potential and need for more efficient and effective technologies, there are numerous opportunities for Norwegian industry throughout the market. 

    Assists you with expertise
    Innovation Norway has in-depth expertise that can help Norwegian companies understand the potential for business in this market, both for extraction of the resource and sustainable management of the entire value chain. 

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