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  • Energy & Environment: Enter a stable market with international partners

    Are you looking for new market opportunities within the energy and environment sector? Innovation Norway Canada will help you access this prosperous and stable energy market with rich natural resources and many international players. As a net energy exporter, Canada has a relatively small population and a wealth of their energy resources, similar to Norway.

    Do business in a leading market
    Canada is leading the way globally in areas as ocean energy, bioenergy, hydropower and wind. The country is spending significant resources towards cleaner offshore, oil sands and LNG operations, and maintains its role as one of the leading countries in the shift towards the green economy. Efficiency is an enormous growth area, including green building, smart metering and transmission infrastructure improvement. Research environments through the country are robust and fortified with industrial and governmental funding. 

    A variety of opportunities
    In addition to its other similarities to the Norwegian business culture, the Canadian focus on new opportunities within energy and environmental sector is rapidly growing. From maritime cleantech, electrification of its ships and ferries to research, CCSU, Hydrogen Fuel Cells and the focus on development and sustainability in the Arctic areas, Canada and Norway share many of the same areas of opportunities. Our office in Toronto offers our expertise on new business opportunities and will gladly help you gain a better understanding of the possibilities that lie in the Canadian market.

    Getting properly connected
    We understand very well market development and trends within the Canadian energy business. In this sector we strive to understand the whole value chain from research level initiatives, to commercialization, to the markets and pricing for different types of energy.  We use this expertise to assist Norwegian companies minimize risk, maximize potential business and networks, and decrease the time to market.

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    Innovasjon Norge har kontor i:

    Den norske ambassaden i Ottawa

    Canada er en av verdens ledende økonomier som havner på toppen i internasjonale målinger på regjeringens åpenhet, borgerrettigheter, utdanning, helse og økonomisk frihet. I tillegg er Canada et foregangsland når det kommer til god forretningsskikk. 

    Det er mange likheter med det canadiske og det norske markedet, noe som gjør at norske bedrifter normalt etablerer seg raskt her. Canada kan fungere som inngangsport til det samlede nordamerikanske markedet.