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  • HealthTech: Innovation and adoption is leading the way in Canada

    Join us in bringing new and innovative technologies to the Canadian market. Our networks and experience can help you find the right contacts and find your place in the Canadian healthtech sector.

    Canada has presented a strategy to work closely with health innovation, both to create new jobs and to ensure a sustainable healthcare service. This aligns well with the Norwegian government’s motives to promote the Norwegian health industry. In 2017, the Norwegian health industry exported goods and services for over 20 bn NOK globally.

    The Norwegian government has shown interest in the Canadian healthcare sector. Innovation Norway Toronto were recently visited by health minister Bent Høie who was on a study trip to see how the Canadian government actively promoted innovation and technology within the health sector.

    Opportunities for development
    Ontario is one of the leading cities in the world within healthcare innovation and implementation. The top categories include care coordination, telemedicine, home care, drug discovery, health data sharing and wellness. This milieu, often based in the Toronto area, is home to the renowned health- and commercialization hub, MaRS with their vibrant approach to digital health practices. Canada is also a great way for companies to establish themselves in a country that has a comparable health care industry to Norway, as well as getting the first foot into the North-American market.

    Focus areas
    Due to the growing elderly population in Canada, as well as the stagnation in health budgets, the drive for innovation has grown strong throughout Canada. There is an increased focus on digital health and interconnected care across the health eco-system. This, in turn, has created a strong innovative culture within the healthcare sector. Some of the Norwegian companies we have worked with recently include Ably Medical, Hy5 and MotiTech.

    What we can do for you
    In all markets, knowledge is king. We can provide you with an easy way to gain the basics you need to know about the Canadian market. Our expert has vast experience within the field in both Canada and Norway, and can assist you in finding the right partner.

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    Lori Woloshyn

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    Innovasjon Norge har kontor i:

    Den norske ambassaden i Ottawa

    Canada er en av verdens ledende økonomier som havner på toppen i internasjonale målinger på regjeringens åpenhet, borgerrettigheter, utdanning, helse og økonomisk frihet. I tillegg er Canada et foregangsland når det kommer til god forretningsskikk. 

    Det er mange likheter med det canadiske og det norske markedet, noe som gjør at norske bedrifter normalt etablerer seg raskt her. Canada kan fungere som inngangsport til det samlede nordamerikanske markedet.